Happy to be a Rebel

The 6' 5", 320 pound Ole Miss commit Bakersville College defensive tackle committed early to the Rebels without ever taking a visit.

This weekend, Daniel finally got that chance.

"It was great man. I loved it," commented Daniel Calvin, who came on the trip solo.

Jonathan Cornell was Calvin's player host, and the two California natives hit it off.

"He is real cool, real cool. He pretty much showed me all the ropes in their community."

When commenting about the community and players at Ole Miss, Daniel's voice perked up.

"It is a life I would like to get use to. All of the players from California were telling me how much I am going to like it at Ole Miss. I did not hear one bad thing from them."

The girls at Ole Miss were also a major selling point.

"Yea, they were nice, super plus. That I liked a lot (laugh)."

What new did Daniel learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know from before he took the trip?

"Well, I just learned how their alumni cheer on their team no matter what. They treat their players good. That caught my attention."

Ole Miss has a tradition with the current players. They walk through the Walk of Champions before game time. This really stood out for Calvin.

"I really liked that Walk of Champions. That kind of got me jacked up, excited. Everyone got fired up walking through their Grove. That and the ladies too. Just the whole Grove thing was exciting. Everyone was out there eating, smiling, and welcoming me into their family. It kind of caught my off guard because I did not even know anybody knew who I was. The walk of champions and the grove was the highlight of my trip."

The Oxford environment was also attractive.

"It is different than California. It is a lot more peaceful out here in Mississippi. There are not a lot of problems like California. Everyone is just trying to have fun, get an education and play SEC ball."

Daniel had a few observations from the game.

"I learned that they run hard, defense works hard. They shut them out, so. Their defensive line, you can tell Coaches Neilsen and Orgeron put a lot of hard work in their defensive line. That is what I liked about Ole Miss' team, their defensive line."

Does Calvin feel like he can jump right into the defensive line rotation next year?

"Yea, I really do. I saw some plays out there that I thought I could have made. But besides that, their defensive line would have been perfect. They just get tired because they do not have much depth. Hopefully I can add a lot to their line next season. I saw some good players out there, so they do not need much."

Daniel had a good meeting with the Ole Miss head coach before he left.

"It went great. He was excited to have me there. I was excited to be there. Everything was great. He showed me his plan to make Ole Miss a contender next season and how they are going to have me ready to play in the SEC. I really like the way they are going to use me next season."

Did this visit reaffirm Daniel's commitment?

"I am 100% committed to playing for Ole Miss next year. They showed me that they are still interested in me, and the alumni showed me that they are going to support me and my teammates while I am there. That is all that it took for me. I am a Rebel."

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