Jurrell takes in Ole Miss official visit

Jurrell Casey (DT, Long Beach, CA) - Scout.com's #36 nationally rated defensive tackle had a chance to take in his first official visit this past weekend. How did his trip to Ole Miss go?

"It was really nice," added Jurrell Casey. "I had a lot of fun there. It was real nice."

Casey went solo on the visit and had this to say about the trip.

"To be honest, it was a lot better than I was expecting. Everyone was real cool with one another. The people down in Mississippi are so friendly, and they want you to feel welcomed."

Jonathan Cornell was Jurrell's player host.

"Jonthan was just real laid back and down to earth. He is from out here too (California), so he kind of just showed me around and told me what to expect."

What new did Casey learn about Ole Miss during his trip?

"I did not know it was in that small of a town. It is very small, everything is right there together. That is a good thing because it gives you a chance to get to know everyone in their community. And the classes are right there together. You do not have to walk too much."

When asked what Casey liked best during the visit; he had the following things to say.

"I just loved everything. Everything was great. The Grove was real cool too. I like how all of their fans came out and supported their team. Their fans get their players hyped up before the game, and that just makes it easier for you to stay jacked up and ready to roll before you hit the field."

The Rebels have added several California players to their roster since the Coach Orgeron era started, and this kind of took Casey by surprise.

"Yea, I thought they would have like two or three guys from here over there, but I did not know there were that many."

Did Jurrell feel like he fit in with the Ole Miss players and coaches?

"Yea, because everybody was real cool to me. They also work hard, so that is good to me."

Casey had a chance to take in the Ole Miss practice on Friday and had the following thoughts.

"They have fun and work hard at the same time. Their coaches are real funny, real cool cats out there."

It is no surprise that Jurrell thought there were a lot of similarities between the Southern Cal and Ole Miss programs due to several of the former Trojan coaches now being at Ole Miss.

"The Ole Miss coaches are real energetic like they are at USC. They are real similar, just the way they conduct themselves and run practices. I almost felt like I was at a USC practice watching Ole Miss. Just high energy players and coaches who work hard but like to have a good time too."

Jurrell attended the Ole Miss homecoming game on Saturday.

"They are a good program. They have a lot of things to fix, but they are still a pretty good program. I think I can come in there and make an impact for their defensive line, I really do."

Casey met with the Ole Miss coaches this morning before going back home.

They asked me how I felt like I fit in, and I told them it would be cool for me to down there and play. It would be a great opportunity for me."

Although the Rebels received a bump, one team remains on top of Jurrell's list.

"Southern Cal is still my leader. Everybody is still about the same. I am going to give Ole Miss a lot harder look now though."

Where does Casey visit next?

"Hopefully I can get up to Oregon pretty soon."

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