Practice report, Tuesday

Ole Miss gets back into SEC action this weekend with an 11:30 a.m. match with the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Read how Tuesday's practice session went according to Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron.

Coach O: We had a good, physical day out there today. The spirits were high and we had some good tackling drills and run drills. We were getting after it.

Q: What have you seen out of S Fon Ingram lately that is earning him some playing time?

Coach O: He's very athletic, but really we are pressing him into duty because we are thin and he's the next best available guy. He's really not quite ready yet, but he is being forced to play and he can make some plays.

Q: What about Seth Adams' makeup to come back from a tough outing? What do you see that makes you believe he will come back strong?

Coach O: He's played almost perfect up until last Saturday. He's motivated and he's studied hard to get where he is. He's probably mad at himself. Seth is a competitor and will want to do better and get back on track. That is what I expect him to do.

Q: How has Tony Fein responded to not playing last week?

Coach O: That's a tough deal for him as a junior college player who came here to start and replace Patrick Willis. Things haven't worked out quite like he expected or we planned yet. There is still a lot of football left this season though. He has been productive in some games and has done some things right, but in our defense you have to be in the right gap and if you are not, big things happen for the other team. There are a lot of things a Mike LB has to learn and the guys who have been here with us understand the system a little better right now. That's what's going on in a nutshell.

Q: Do you expect him to play some against Alabama?

Coach O: We'll see how he responds as to how much he plays against Alabama. Really, I don't see anyone who has a pulse out there not having a chance to play. We are getting thin and will play everyone we possibly can who we think can help us.

Q: How is Darryl Harris doing now that he has returned off the injury list?

Coach O: He's doing well. His athletic ability is showing and it's good to have him out there. This part of the season you have to have depth and he's providing some of that right now.

Q: The Bama folks call you a traditional offense. Do you consider yourself that?

Coach O: I don't know what that is anymore. (smiles) We try to be 50-50 and do what we do best.

Q: How do Bama's two backs compare? Are they similar in style?

Coach O: Grant is a fast back and Coffee is a real solid back who makes good runs. They are a zone team and the key to their running game is their OL. That big #71 (Andre Smith) is a tough young man. Their center is good too. They block well. They understand the zone game and have a good system.

Q: Were they a zone team last year?

Coach O: Not as much. They ran a combination of power and zone last year. Coach Saban brought in an NFL system similar to ours this year. It's almost exactly the same as the zone system we use now. They understand what they are doing.

Q: Any good news on Jamarca Sanford?

Coach O: I don't know if he's going to play or not. I really don't. We can't let it affect us though. Some young guys have to step up and get it done. Johnny (Brown) will have to step up and Kendrick Lewis too.

Q: How is Jonathan Cornell's rehab coming?

Coach O: I really don't know. I guess fine but I don't expect him back this year. It doesn't look like it to me.

Q: That's a heckuva blow losing him.

Coach O: Well, we had two linebackers who were ready to play coming into the season - Cornell and Palmer - and now one of them is gone. We have some guys who are playing and taking his spot, and they are doing everything they can, but it's not the same.

Q: You see your guys getting up for this big game?

Coach O: Yes. It will be a great atmosphere and will be good. We are looking forward to it.

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