Will OM get a visit from Charles Reeves?

We would like to introduce you to one of the more accomplished players in the state of Georgia.

Charles Reeves is a three year starter for S' West DeKalb (GA). In that time frame, he has over 4, 000 All-purpose yards, 24 TD's, and 134 tackles and 9 interceptions.

Which position will he play on the next level?

"Some schools do not know where they want him to play," added S' West DeKalb's head coach, Charles Reeves (Sr), who also doubles as Charles' father. "Tennessee wants him as a WR. Auburn worked him out at CB, but fell in love with him at WR at their camp. Ole Miss likes him as a CB, but they said they are going to let him touch the ball. Georgia Tech likes him as a CB."

Charles (Jr) has a different take on the issue.

"I think they are equal (between CB and WR)," added Charles Reeves (Jr). "But I love WR. I started playing offense, actually running back, when I was in pee wee ball. But dad said I was not heavy enough to play running back in college. I think he thinks CB is my best spot, but he tells me that WR is my best position."

What are Charles' strengths?

"People say I make big plays," added Charles (Jr). "I have good speed too. I ran a 4.32 at Auburn's camp this summer, but I am faster than that. I am an elusive runner. I have good hands. I do not know. I am just exciting to watch."

Charles' father believes his son has a lot of the same attributes.

"He just has great speed, hands, and jumping ability. Charles has a good football mind. He has been around football his whole life, due to me being in coaching and all. We are trying to get him graduated in December. He wants to get a leg up on his competition so he can make an impact as a freshman."

Charles' father believes he still has a few things to work on for the next level.

"He needs to increase his bench press. Right now, he is right at 285. We want to get that to 325 before he leaves here. I would say that is probably about it. He just needs to get a little stronger. The SEC plays a physical game, so he needs to get as strong as he can possible get. I think that is why he hurt his shoulder. He just needs to get stronger in the weight room."

The shoulder injury has kept Charles out of some games this season, but he still has managed to accumulate 22 catches for 400 yards and 2 Td's in three and half games of action. They are not playing Reeves on defense this year so they can keep him fresh.

As a junior, Charles had his best year to date as he caught 57 passes for 801 yards and 7 Td's He also had 45 carries for 478 yards and 2 Td's On defense, he had 49 tackles and 2 picks on his way to being named All-DeKalb and All-State.

College recruiters have taken notice.

"Charles has received scholarship offers from Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Mississippi State, and North Carolina. A lot of the schools said they figure he is going to the SEC so that is why they have not offered him."

Which colleges are in the running?

"Charles has narrowed it down to Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Ole Miss, for now. That could change because Southern California has started to pick it up, and we are going to give them a hard look, but those four schools are the main ones right now."

Has Charles set up his official visits?

"He has not set them up yet," added Charles Reeves (SR). "He is graduating in December, so he wants to have a decision by the end of the season. He has been to Tennessee five times, Auburn three times, so he is trying to figure out if he wants to go to those schools. We are setting something up with Ole Miss pretty soon, but we do not have a date in concrete yet."

Charles (Jr) has a different take.

"I am just trying to make a decision. I want to commit before the season is over. If not, I will start lining up my visits. But I would like to make a decision soon and not even take any visits. I do not know. I will just have to wait and see. I want to make it over for an Ole Miss and Southern Cal game. I have seen the other schools I am interested in a few times, so there really is not a need for me to go over there again."

Which college coaches has Charles developed a close relationship with?

"Coach Trooper Taylor at Tennessee is a very direct person. He tells you what he does not like about your game. I like that. He is very direct. Coach Price for Auburn is just a laid back coach. He kind of holds it in. He gives me pointers on what I need to do to better myself and what is going on at Auburn. I talk to Coach Price all of the time. Coach Orgeron for Ole Miss is an exciting coach. He is real funny. That man cracks me up. He is always telling jokes. All three of them are different, as far as personality wise, but they are all great coaches."

Charles' father gave us his perspective on his son's top schools.

"Charles seems to think that Ole Miss is an up and coming program, and they need a speed guy to come in and stretch the field. Charles thinks he can play early if he goes to Ole Miss. Then at Florida, they have an exciting offense. They love to stretch the field, and they always have great WR's. Charles loves to stretch the field by going for the deep ball. Auburn, he just likes their town. And they told him they needed someone who can get open and stretch the field. They also told him he can be their KR and PR. He loves doing that. And Tennessee, they have been recruiting him since 10th grade. He goes to their passing league every summer. A lot of people are shocked he has not already committed to Tennessee. He loves Coach Trooper Taylor. They are very close. They want to get the ball in his hands. He is real close to Tennessee."

Was Tennessee the first school to offer Charles?

"Yes, they offered him the summer before he entered his junior year. He was actually going to go ahead and commit to Tennessee, but he went to Auburn and started looking around so he could be absolutely sure of his decision. The reporters from Tennessee call me all of the time asking me when he is going to commit. I really do not know what he is going to do, but when he makes a decision, that will be it. There will be no visits, phone calls, visits at schools, nothing. Our word around our family means everything."

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