Practice report, Wednesday

Beautiful weather in the low 80s greeted the Rebels as they worked out on the practice fields in shorts, shoulder pads and helmets. Read what Coach Ed Orgeron had to say about the workout inside.

Q: It is not particularly relevant to this weekend, but what does Jevan Snead bring to the table for you as the service team QB?

Coach O: He's excellent. He's a copetitor. He throws the ball well with a tight spiral and quick release. He makes things quick for our linebackers and secondary as they prepare for the games. He's also a good scrambler and is fun to work with. Jevan gets the guys around him fired up as well.

Q: Along those lines, what about Jeremy McGee?

Coach O: He's very quick and makes big plays out there. He gives you a different dimension out there in preparation for the game. He is Terry Grant this week and he's doing a good job emulating him.

Q: How is Kentrell Lockett doing this week?

Coach O: Kentrell is doing well. He gives us depth at the DE slots. He was injured in the LaTech game and wasn't expected to practice until today, but he practiced Monday. He's a hard worker. He is also doing fine in run defense. The way we play him is on the edge. He does not have to take on a double team very much, so he should be able to handle it.

Q: Is Johnny Brown working out well at safety with Jamarca out?

Coach O: He's getting thrown into the fire now. There are a lot of formation adjustments they have to make at the safety slots. Alabama is a deep ball team and it's important that he make the right decisions. I don't think Jamarca is going to play, so he's in there. He's looking good and trying hard. He makes some mistakes, but I think he will be a very good player for us.

Q: It looks as if you've gone back with Nate Banks at corner opposite Dustin Mouzon. How is that working out?

Coach O: It's back and forth between him and Cassius (vaughn). Nate has just been a little more steady lately. They will play about 50-50.

Q: What has FS Kendrick Lewis shown you lately?

Coach O: Persistence. He wants to be good. It's jsut his tackling that is questionable, that's all, but I think he's getting his confidence back. An offseason in the weight room will really help him.

Q: Is it still going back and forth between Corey Actis and Thomas Eckers at center?

Coach O: Corey is doing OK. He has been very receptive to what has gone on the last couple of weeks and is doing everything I have asked him to do.

Q: You make a lot of lineup changes. Do some kids take it better than others? Do you have to work with each one differently?

Coach O: Most of the kids that are back and forth in the lineup, it's because of their own doing. So they have to deal with it. If a guy is doing his job, performing like he's supposed to and doing what we ask, he probably stays there for a while. I don't want our guys to be too comfortable. I want them to know they have an obligation to the team to perform.

Q: How is Mike Hicks, who missed the second half of the LaTech game?

Coach O: He's fine. He will play Saturday.

Q: How is Jonathan Cornell coming along?

Coach O: It doesn't look like he will come back this year or has gotten a whole lot better, but that's not definite yet.

Q: There is a bad rumor going around that Jonathan's injury is career-ending. Can you dispell that for us?

Coach O: There has been nothing said about that. There is some worry about further injury if he were to be hit again now, but no, it's not a career-ending injury. It's nerve stuff.

Q: Walkon Center Zack Brent was one of your captains last week. He must be doing well.

Coach O: We will have a service team captain of the week, if one deserves that. We had Derrick Davis at the Memphis game. Zack has worked very hard for us and has become a leader on the service team OL. A black shirt (service team) OL job is very tough because they have to work with me every day and they have to perform. He makes that unit more cohesive. He is a hard worker and is very diligent. We thought it would be a great honor for him to be a captain and he deserved that recognition. We honor service team guys when they deserve it. Hopefully we'll have more.

Q: We had Tony Fein in here today and he expressed disappointment in not playing against LaTech. Have you seen him respond in practice?

Coach O: He had a good practice today. He's had a lot of plays and has had a fair opportunity. A good competitor should be disappointed when he is not playing, but it's up to him to do something about it.

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