Seth Adams -

Seth Adams talks about his poor game against La. Tech and the upcoming contest versus Alabama. Go inside for the conversation.

How important is good communication with your receivers?

It is really important. If something doesn't look right or we aren't on the same page. We have a good relationship because those guys just want to win. They are all about catching balls and catching touchdown passes. That is exciting to have.

Do the guys get on you for throwing to one guy more than others?

I have to keep a tally. It is hard to explain, but they all want the ball and like to get open. Asking them, they are always open. But they do make big plays. You can't argue that.

They talk about it during the games?

They just come up to me and always tell me to look for them. It is all about going through my reads, but I try to find them. That is what's important.

Does last Saturday make you gun shy, or was it just a bad day?

It was just one of those days. Obviously, we can complete those passes. I can make those throws, but for whatever reason, it didn't happen for me Saturday. I let a few balls hang up there and wasn't really consistent. I've watched the film, and I am trying to correct the mistakes and get ready for Alabama.

What percentage is your shoulder?

It is fine. There is nothing wrong with it.

Do you know how good the throw is when it comes off your hand?

Sometimes you can tell. One of those pass interferences, I knew as soon as I let it go that it was underthrown. I could tell that it didn't come off my hand right. It sailed on me, and I knew right off the bat it wasn't a good ball.

What do your remember from the Alabama game last year?

I remember the lockeroom and the excitement that we had going into the second half. We were playing well, and I remember the disappointment as we lost it in overtime.

Does playing well against a team add confidence the next year?

I think so. The previous year, they won on a field goal on the last play. That took into play last year, but our guys came out and played hard last year.

Do you get extra juiced to play Nick Saban, considering the media attention?

I don't pay attention to it. They are another good football team and we just have to prepare. You face good teams week in and week out in the SEC. I can't pay attention to Nick Saban.

Does the money thrown at SEC coaches blow your mind?

In my mind, it is the premier conference in the nation, and it is surprising. It is big-time football, and it seems like coaching is a good career.

What do you take from last week's game?

It is just several plays that I should have made. I should have never let those turnovers happen. For whatever reason, I wasn't on, and I just need to work hard and get better. Get ready for Alabama.

How does BenJarvus react after a bad game?

I'm sure Ben is disappointed because he wants to rush for 100 yards every game. He is a team player, and all 11 guys have to play well for him to be successful. Whatever happens, we will take a win. It is better to play bad and win, than play well and lose. We'll take it.

Do you practice differently after a bad weekend?

There were some positives in the game, but I try to correct my mistakes. Hopefully, I prepare my best every week. Obviously we will correct some things though and be ready for Alabama.

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