Recruiting update with Allen Muse

Allen Muse (WR, Leesville, LA) - Last year was a frustrating one for the 6' 4", 205 pound receiver. Leesville ran an option oriented offense and not many balls were thrown Muse's way, as he only caught 12 passes. This season they decided to go to the spread attack, and this has increased Allen's role.

"We are doing pretty good," stated Allen Muse. "We just started really getting into the spread offense, but we know it well by now. We throw and run about 50/50. Our QB still runs a lot of option, but we are much more effective offensively now."

How many more opportunities does Allen get in the spread?

Allen Muse
"A lot (laughing). I get it thrown my way 4 or 5 times a game. I just make the best out of it. I have 23 catches for 327 yards and 3 TD's."

Does Muse consider himself a better player because of the new offense?

"I have a lot of confidence now. From getting 12 balls the whole year last season to doubling that already this year. I feel I can just play. I do not have to worry about anything now."

Which college coaches are keeping in phone contact?

"LSU, La Tech, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Alabama. Coach Woods (Alabama) came to my game last Friday. Auburn is calling. OSU, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Tennessee."

Who calls weekly?

"LSU and Ole Miss."

What is LSU telling Allen?

"They just want me to keep working hard, and they said they are going to get me in Tiger stadium."

And Ole Miss?

"My coach talked to their coach, Frank Wilson, and he told my coach what is going on. He said they want me, and are looking for a WR to come in and play right away."

Has Allen had a chance to attend any college games this fall?

"I went to two LSU games, against Virginia Tech and South Carolina. I am going to try and make it to the Ole Miss/Arkansas game in two weeks, and La Tech and Tennessee are both trying to get me to come up and see a game of theirs too."

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