Practice report, Thursday

The clock is rapidly ticking toward the Ole Miss-Alabama showdown Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read what Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron had to say about his team's preparations for the Crimson Tide.

Coach O: I really feel like this week has been our best week of practice this season. The guys have consistently had good practices and I really feel good about that.

Q: What, in your mind, has made the Alabama-Ole Miss game so close in the past two years?

Coach O: One thing is our guys get up for that game, for sure. We have similar offenses and defenses, which gives you some familiarity going into the game. It's also the time of the season when some things are sorted out and your guys are feeling good about what they are doing. We respect their university and team. We have played good against the good teams and we expect to do the same Saturday against another good team.

Q: We talked at the beginning of the week about Seth Adams bouncing back from a sub-par performance. How has he done this week?

Coach O: He's been good. He's done well.

Q: When you talk about a team learning to win, is there anything coaches can say to help that process along?

Coach O: We have said a lot of stuff. I don't know if it's about saying anything any more. It's about us making plays. It's about us scoring at the 1-yard line at Georgia. It's about us not letting someone get an onside kick. It's about making tackles when we are in position to make them. It's about performing well on special teams. If you go back and look at the Florida and Georgia games, it's not so much about what they did, it's about what we didn't do. We have to eliminate those mistakes and make some plays. It's about playing consistent football for four quarters in this league. It's no secret - it really isn't.

Q: How frustrating is it when you know your guys can do it and they aren't?

Coach O: I've been involved with teams where it took some time and the bottom line was that when we got good enough to win, we won. When we get good enough to beat those teams, we will start winning those games. We are doing everything right. I could not ask these players to give me any more than they are. They are giving me every possible ounce of energy they have and that they can.

Q: Do you sense that the guys built off the win last Saturday?

Coach O: We will see this Saturday. You know, you can have a good week of practice and not play well and you can have a poor week of practice and play exceptionally well. I haven't seen that happen much, but it does. What I expect is for us to finish. We've had a good week of preparation so we need to finish it off by playing well this Saturday.

Q: In your mind have you gotten the run game fixed via practice?

Coach O: We found a couple of things we didn't do right and a couple of things we can do better. We have to do that. To me there is no reason we shouldn't have a great running game.

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