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After the gut-ripping 27-24 loss to Alabama Saturday, the Rebel coaches offered no excuses, but they were hurt and confused. Hurt a close one got away again. Confused because of the controversial ruling on an apparent catch by WR Shay Hodge that was reversed.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On the game) We had our chances. You can't ever put the game in the referees' hands. (On the run game) We worked real hard this week on our stuff, and we did a good job of blocking today. A lot of it clicked. (On his 57-yard run) It was third and one or something like that. We always just try to stick it right there and make sure to get the one yard. The offensive line did a good job and created a seam and I was able to get through there. We always leave one man unblocked on that play call. That was it. Once it popped, the field was wide open. (On if he expected the final play to be overturned) Nah, I wasn't really expecting anything. I was just getting ready for the next play. (On what the team was thinking when the play got overturned) I was really thinking we had our chances. You never want to put the game in the referees' hands. You've got to go out and take advantage of your chances when you have them. That's basically what it was for me.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On the second half) We made some adjustments and we started making plays. We started clicking together and the linebackers got together and started filling the gaps and hitting. The blitzes came in handy a lot today. (On the review) Before the play I said God we need a miracle, and Shay Hodge came up with a big catch. I just didn't want it to be overturned. It just went that way. The refs made that call, and that's their call. I have no say in that. (On the emotions of it all) It was like a roller coaster. You're at the top and then you come down. The next thing you know it's back up when Shay makes that play. And then........ (On the team bouncing back vs. Arkansas) It's repetitive week after week, this bouncing back. But I think of all the games, this one will be one of the toughest (to get over). We've looked forward to beating Alabama the past two years. Coming close and losing again, key plays and not capitalizing on them have been the main things. LB Ashlee Palmer: (On the team's effort) We went out there and played well today. We played hard. We really wanted to win. Things just didn't go our way. (On the second half defense as opposed to the first half) We went in at half and the coaches went over everything. We made our adjustments. We just came out in the second half and executed. (On the sideline as they waited and heard the overturn) We felt comfortable. Everybody was excited. We wanted to go in there and score. Unfortunately things didn't go our way. And that was that. DE Greg Hardy: (On the locker room after the loss) It was hard. Same as last year. We came real close. We gave it our all. We hurt now but we have to regroup for the next SEC game. (On his day) My coach came to me and told me I needed to take over the game and become a playmaker for the team. I felt I had to go out there and get in the zone and do what I had to do. (On his feelings after the game) I'm hurting right now because we lost. I'm hurting for my teammates because we didn't win. (On not being able to perhaps make a final play to win it) I thought Shay had a catch the whole way until it came out that it was not. I was just shocked. I wanted to go back out there and go up and catch a pass to win the game for us. WR Michael Hicks: (On his TD catch) I saw the ball in the air and was pretty well-covered, but I put my bigger body between me and the cornerback and just went up and got it. I knew I had to make that play. (On the outcome) This one really hurts. We did everything we could and to lose on a controversial call is tougher than the other close games. We worked hard all week. It shouldn't have been decided by the refs. Shay said he was bumped out by the defender and that the defender touched it first. That's supposed to be a catch. That's what Shay was saying. (On the future) We know our day is coming, but it's been coming for so long. There are guys in the locker room right now with their pads still on, not wanting to move and crying because this game, this season and this team mean everything to us. It's jsut hard. (On the WR play) We go in every week knowing we are going to make plays. Coach (Hugh) Freeze puts us in the right position to make plays and it's up to us to do that. I think we are having a pretty good year so far, but I also think it can and will get better. WR Dexter McCluster: (On the controversial overturn of Shay Hodge's catch) Shay said he was forced out of bounds. He also felt like the defender touched the ball first, which would mean it didn't matter if he went out or not. He was 100% on that. It was such a great catch to be overturned. He fought for the ball like he was coached to do and came up with it. He did nothing wrong, yet it was taken from him and us. (On the loss) I feel bad that it's a loss, but I feel good about the way we played. We fought hard and had our chances. We really can't blame anyone but ourselves. That was a bad call at the end there, but we had other chances to win the game. We just have to keep our heads up and be accountable and keep pushing. (On Seth Adams being sick) I didn't know it. I couldn't tell he was sick. I thought he had another great day. He came out and performed like he needed to. (On being back full speed) I'm just glad to be out there, man. It is a helpless feeling when you are injured and can't help your team. I think I am sharp now and ready to finish off the season on a good note. DT Peria Jerry: (On the final call) The ref made the call and that's the way it goes. All I can say is that I wish we had made another play somewhere along the line so it hadn't come to that. (On being close but not winning) We just have to work harder and get it done. I don't anything else to say or do. (On the DL shutting down Bama's run game after halftime) We studied a lot of film and we felt we were going to be able to win the line of scrimmage. We wanted that challenge and I thought we came through, for the most part. Alabama had two or three plays we hadn't seen in the first half, but we got them adjusted during the first half and at halftime. Once we got in our minds what they were doing, we played well. QB Seth Adams: (On having a stomach virus before and during the game) I'm fine now. I had some kind of virus all night last night. I was throwing up last night, but I got some fluids in me this morning. I came back to Oxford from Tupelo early this morning with one of the trainers and got an IV. I felt I would be able to go. I was a little weak at the end of the game having, but adrenaline took over by then. I was fine. I wasn't dizzy or anything. (On the controversial ruling) I didn't even have a good angle on it. I just know Shay did a great job of making the play when we had to have it. (On the game coming down to that call) It shouldn't have come down to that. We should have put them away earlier. (On his rushing TD) It was a naked boot and the routes were covered. Mike Wallace was open, but I saw the lane to run and wanted to make sure we got it in the end zone. It was a good call because we ran a play-action boot right after Ben had just popped a big run. Alabama sucked in to stop the run. (On the team's progress) I feel we have a good team and that we fight all the time, but we have to learn to win. It's going to happen. We are playing our butts off, we just have to keep doing that and it will happen. (On the run game) Ben and Bruce and the OL did a great job in the run game. We were balanced and that helped us keep Alabama honest. It's up to me to eliminate the turnovers.

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