Practice report, Tuesday

The heartbreak of the Alabama loss has obviously not left Ole Miss fans yet, but the players and coaches have no choice. It's back to work as Arkansas is three days from loading up the bus and heading this way. Read about today's practice inside.

Coach O: We had a tough Tuesday practice with a lot of hitting getting ready for Arkansas. It went well.

Q: You said last week was the best week of practice of the year. Do you see some carryover of that?

Coach O: We had a good day, but it was just one day. Tuesday is usually a good day for us around here and this was no different.

Q: Are you happy with the way the guys are moving past the Alabama loss?

Coach O: I think so. Obviously, there is talk still out there, but we're trying to minimize that and I think the players are handling that pretty good at this point.

Q: Is Seth healthy after being sick over the weekend?

Coach O: He's fine and was full speed today.

Q: Are you concerned that he has had six interceptions in the last two games?

Coach O: Sure. Absolutely we are concerned. We are going to study that and look at it with him tomorrow. Try to pinpoint what's happening and eliminate it.

Q: How is John Jerry?

Coach O: He's back and getting after it. He's in good spirits. It was just an incident that happened and we took care of it. Now he's fine, no problem.

Q: Can you update us on Jamarca Sanford?

Coach O: He won't play this week.

Q: The SEC backed the call from their replay official since your press conference yesterday. Is there anything else left to say?

Coach O: I said what I had to say, now we have to let it go. We have to move on.

Q: Was the performance by DE Greg Hardy on Saturday Patrick Willis-ish to you?

Coach O: It was Warren Sapp-ish. Three sacks. He was all over the field. It was some of the stuff Sapp used to do. I'm not ready to put him in that category yet, but for a single performance, yes. But he has to keep on doing that - it can't be a one-time thing. He's been practicing consistently and doing well.

Q: On the sidelines, do you see that kind of performance developing and start calling things specifically for him?

Coach O: We had a plan. We knew if we could get a great four-man rush, we'd be OK and Greg allowed us to rush four and cover. We turned him loose some with some blitzes to help him and it worked.

Q: Do you think that will serve as a wakeup call for him to continue that type of play?

Coach O: I hope so. He's getting more mature. He's very, very talented and he plays in a zone. We want him in that zone. We hope he gets in it more often from here on out.

Q: How can you simulate McFadden and Jones in practice?

Coach O: I wish I had someone who could. (laughs) We used Cordera Eason and Jeremy McGee today and they did a fine job against our defense. We beefed up our service team line today and had a fantastic run period.

Q: Are you surprised Dexter McCluster, one of your smallest players, is also your best at going over the middle?

Coach O: No, he's tough. He's a playmaker. He knows if he gets the ball over the middle there's usually just the free safety to beat and he likes that challenge.

Q: Are you seeing better play from the LBs? They seeemd better last Saturday.

Coach O: They were in the right spots more than before. Their tackling was better. Our missed tackles went down a bunch. They will be tested this week though. The last time we saw two great backs on the same team was against Georgia. We will certainly see two great backs this weekend.

Q: The OL seems to be developing some depth now. Are you pleased with that?

Coach O: Thomas Eckers played his best game. Darryl Harris did a good job. Now John is back. Our chemistry was good there Saturday with the calls. I'm really happy with them.

Q: Is there any temptation to put John Jerry on the DL?

Coach O: There's always a temptation to do that. (smiled)

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