Keys to Victory: Arkansas Game

Ole Miss is looking for its first SEC of the season Saturday against Arkansas. Go inside for this week's keys to victory.

Perform in the open field

Tackling has been an issue since the beginning of the season, and that inability will be tested more Saturday than at any other time. Darren McFadden and Felix Jones will try Ole Miss on the edge where one missed tackle could very well result in six points. Peria Jerry has been a force inside the past few weeks, so the worry surrounds the Rebel linebackers and secondary stopping the Hogs' backs at first contact. Doing so will disrupt the Arkansas offense and give Ole Miss the advantage.

Make Casey Dick move the offense

Arkansas averages nearly 50 rushes a game, and wide receiver Marcus Monk is hobbled at best. Dick hasn't shown an ability to win games, thus Ole Miss needs to crowd the line of scrimmage and beg the Razorback quarterback to throw the football. However, beware of the running backs being matched up on linebackers in the passing game. That is an assignment that no defense in the nation could overcome.

Play the fourth quarter

Solid efforts after 45 minutes have turned into nightmares for Ole Miss this season. The Rebels have been shut down in the final period and outscored 62-23 so far this season including 10-0 last week in the Tide's victory last weekend. Depth is most likely the primary problem, but either way, Ole Miss can't close the deal with a lackluster fourth quarter.

Protect the football

Backbreaking turnovers killed the Rebels against Alabama, and protecting the ball has to be the offense's highest priority versus Arkansas. With the Hog offense struggling, the Rebels can't provide short-field opportunities. Making McFadden and Jones travel long distances is the best type of defense. Also, Ole Miss' offense is more than capable of points, but capitalizing on every possession is key.

Keep catching it

The surprise of the season has been the Rebel wide receivers. They are the most productive unit and have the ability to take over games because of their tremendous depth. Seth Adams needs to spread the ball around and throw effectively to set up the run with BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bruce Hall.

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