From the Locker Room -

There wasn't much to say after the Rebs got rooted out of their own stadium by the Hogs, 44-8. Read what the Ole Miss players did muster inside.

TB BenJarvus Ellis: (On the offensive woes in the game) It's like Coach O said - you have to fight on every down in this league and we didn't seem to have the fight in us today. We didn't have the same fire about us today. It was frustrating, but we have to figure out a way to put it behind us. (On the run game) I think the zone blocking scheme is coming around with the guys up front, but we got behind and couldn't really stay with the run game after we got so far behind. The run game was OK today, but we had to abandon it after halftime somewhat to try to catch up.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On the game) We have to suck it up and take it like men and try to come back from getting run over. Arkansas was clicking on all cylinders and we didn't meet the challenge. We didn't show any fire and nothing clicked for us. Compared to last week, we were flat. Why we weren't as hyped, I don't know, but it's something we need to find out and fix. It's weird. We needed to play our best, most inspired game of the year today and we didn't come close. I don't think it's too much to ask to come out with some fire and intensity. We only get 12 Saturdays a year for all the work we put in, so why not? (On the carryover from last week against Alabama) Who can say? All I know is we didn't play today like we did last week and it's disappointing. Did it carry over? Maybe, but it shouldn't have. (On McFadden and Jones) They are the most explosive backs we have faced and they are powerful too. They are real good, two of the best in the country, no doubt.

LB TOny Fein: (On the game) I'd rather have no tackles and a win than 50 tackles and a loss, but obviously I thought I played a lot better. But as a team we still have a lot of work to do. We have to regroup. It's hard, but we have to stick together and fight through it as a team. (On Arkansas) Very physical. Two NFL backs on the same squad. The quarterback played well when he had to. They were a downhill, aggressive team, like we expected. (On getting behind) When we got down 21-0, we played better for a while, but in the end the hole we dug was just too deep and it all collapsed as the game progressed.

TB Bruce Hall: (On the game) We had some things that were good and worked and some things that didn't, but when we got behind three scores, we had to get away from the things that were moving us some to try to strike quickly. (On being prepared to play) We should be ready for every game. We play in the best league in the country and if you aren't ready games like today happen. We were not consistent today at all. The consistent teams win, the inconsistent teams lose.

WR Mike Wallace: (On being down 21-0) I thought we had a chance even then. We were making some adjustments and we still wanted to, but it just didn't work out. Arkansas just took it to us and outplayed us. They seemed to want it more than we did and that was the thing that bothered me. We wanted to win, but didn't have it today for some reason. I didn't really notice that we didn't have the intensity we needed before the game, but I guess that's what we saw on the field. This game just got away from us before we knew what was happening. We talked all week about putting the Alabama game behind us, but it doesn't look like we did.

LB Ashlee Palmer: (On the team's confidence) I don't think this game shakes our confidence. We just got off to a slow start and could never recover. We got in a groove after we got down by three scores, but it wasn't enough. (On his ankle) I injured it today, but I came back in. Coach O preaches toughness and I want to show him and the other coaches I'll do whatever it takes. (On the play of Tony Fein) He did very well today. He didn't get a lot of practice reps with the ones this week, but he came in and had a fine game. Lamar did a good job at Sam LB. This is the first time he has played at Sam. He was at Will. (On how to move on from this loss) We have to keep everyone's spirits high and move forward. We can't let this game snowball on us. We have to stay focused and get ready for next week. We can't afford another slow start like we had today.

QB Brent Schaeffer: (On his play) I was decent for the situation I was in. With the score like that, Arkansas knew we had to throw and the play-action stuff wasn't fooling anyone. (On the emotional level of the team) It was not where it needed to be. It was not the same as Alabama. You can't play in the SEC without high intensity and it didn't seem to be there like it was against Alabama.

QB Seth Adams: (On the game) I played poorly and put our team in bad situations. This one is on me. It was very frustrating. I can't turn the ball over, period. I have to fix it, no matter what. Whatever the reason is, I have to fix it. 10 picks in three games is not acceptable. Some are bad reads, some are bad throws. (On his confidence) My confidence is fine. I felt good coming into today, but I couldn't make anything happen in this game. I just played poorly. We practiced well and we felt good going into the game. We had a good drive to open the game but didn't get any points because of mistakes. (On moving forward) We play in the SEC. We have to keep moving or you get left in the dust. We will turn our attention to Auburn in a hurry.

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