That Texas connection

The 6' 5", 245 pound tight end from Navarro College (TX) had a chance to take in his first official visit over the weekend.

"I went over to Ole Miss this weekend. I like the visit a lot," added Gerald Harris. "It was a great place. It is a lot like Texas. I enjoyed it. The Southern hospitality from everyone around their community was great. It made me feel like I was back at home. The only down fall is that they did not win, but I saw a lot of positives out of their team despite of them playing very poorly.”

A name familiar to Gerald popped up over the weekend.

“I got a chance to hang out all weekend with Jevan Snead. He is a going to be the man for the next several years at Ole Miss. I feel real good about that. That is a huge plus for me. He is from Stephensville (TX), and we competed against each other growing up. I know what Jevan is all about. We have already established that Texas connection.”

Gerald's player host was another plus for the Rebels.

"Reid Neely, their starting right offensive guard, was my host. I got a chance to hang out with him a lot too. He reminds me of myself. He is real chilled, real laid back. He introduced me around. I just liked him as a person and as a player. Reid is a good character guy, like a lot of the guys I met over the weekend."

Harris learned several new things about the Rebels during the trip.

"I did not know their alumni were so heavy into their program. I knew they had a great tradition, but they have a lot of fans that get really involved. I found out that all of the Mannings went there, except for Peyton. I learned that they have won a lot, except for lately. I just know that I liked it. I enjoyed the people. They are a lot like Texans. They like to have a good time, show their Southern Hospitality, love to win football games."

Was a formal scholarship offer extended during the official visit?

“Ole Miss did not just just come out and tell me that I had an offer during our meeting before I left, but they implied that I did. They flat out told me that if I sign with them, I will start (at TE) next year.”

Where do the Rebels now stand?

"They are going to be one of my top picks. The first impression is your biggest impression, and I know Ole Miss made a big impression with me. I need to get the ball rolling with my decision because I get out in December, and they got the ball rolling. Kansas has kind of slacked off. Louisville called me last week. They want me to take an official visit out there in a couple of weeks, so I will probably go. I will probably visit UTEP before I make up my mind."

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