Byas back in from official at Ole Miss

Jordon Byas (DB, Panama City, FL) - The Bay High product had a chance to take in his first official visit over the weekend to the University of Mississippi.

How did it go?

“It was a good visit for me personally," added Jordon Byas. "I liked the environment. It was a nice little area and a nice campus. I liked everything about it.”

Did anyone accompany Jordon on his trip"

"My dad came with me on the visit. He really enjoyed Ole Miss. He thinks it is a real good atmosphere for me to be in."

Byas was hosted by current Ole Miss linebacker, Jonathan Cornell.

"He was a nice guy. He knew what he was talking about. He showed me around and answered all of my questions."

What were Byas' questions?

“I wanted to know about their coaching staff, players, and teachers. Jonathan (Cornell) explained to me that they have a pretty good staff that really cares about their players. Their players are nice to be around. And the atmosphere around the town is really nice. Overall, it is just a very nice situation for anyone to be in.”

The overall atmosphere was the biggest selling point for the university.

“That is what stood out the most to me was just their atmosphere. It is just a nice atmosphere to be around.”

Ole Miss' facilities were also impressive.

"Everything is pretty new around there. They have very nice facilities. I have a pretty good picture of the town now. I did not know anything about Ole Miss until now."

Byas got a chance to observe the Rebel's defense in Saturday's contest against Arkansas.

"I think I am good enough to get on the field early. Coach Orgeron and their DB coach told me that they do play favorites around there. They play the best player, no matter what year you are or how long you have been in the system. They also play similar to our defense. They play the free safety in a lot of coverages, like we do. They told me that when you come into their defense as a safety, you have to learn both positions (FS/SS). I do not have a problem with that."

Jordon met with the head coach at Ole Miss before he left on his trip.

“Coach Orgeron showed me how badly they needed some safeties, what they do with their safeties, and how I would fit in with their game plan. I thought I would fit in nicely in that system and I think I can play early if I go there.”

Did the Rebel boss ask Byas to commit before he left?

"No, he just told me that he was glad to have him me up there for the weekend and to go home and think about everything."

Where do the Rebels now stand with Jordon?

“Ole Miss is pretty high with me. They were high at first and now they are going to be even higher. Once I met all of their coaches, saw their town, and got to know their players, it made feel very comfortable with Ole Miss.”

What next?

“I am going to take an official visit to Clemson next month. Vandy has been on me hard lately, and I do not know what is going on with Florida . They were close to offering, and all of the sudden, I have not heard from them in a while.”

Jordon was unsure of his stats for the season but know he has 3 defensive touchdowns at safety and around 600 rushing yards and 5 or 6 TD's at tailback.

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