Charles Mitchell talks about Ole Miss visit

Mississippi is deep and talented at the defensive back positions this season with Darius and Bud Barksdale, Alonzo Lawrence, Kendrick Presley, Arceto Clark, Dominique Davenport, Drew Cole, and Charles Mitchell.

All will most likely sign with S' Eastern Conference caliber schools in February, as the majority of them are already committed to SEC programs.

One of the more interesting remaining battles from the defensive back class will most likely come down to the instate universities with Charles Mitchell.

"I still have Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi, and Mississippi State at the top," commented Charles Mitchell. "I spoke with Coach Bower (USM). He said he was going to get me down there. I went to their game against SMU last Saturday."

This was Charles' first trip to Hattiesburg. How did the unofficial visit go?

"I enjoyed myself."

What new did Mitchell learn about the Eagles that maybe he did not know from before?

"They have a good football atmosphere. They have a lot of energy down there, and they have a good team."

What did the 2006 All-State selection like the most about Southern Miss?

"Probably the atmosphere down there. The fans and everything and how the team played. They play with a lot of energy. I liked that."

This past weekend, Charles visited a school he is more familiar with, as he stopped in for his third Ole Miss football game of the season.

"I went down there with Terrance Bates and Lamar Jones. It was alright. They did not play too good (laugh). I do not know what happened. They couldn't make a tackle. That is not how they have played all year because I have been to most of their home games."

Did the poor performance have a negative impact with Charles' thoughts on Ole Miss?

"It is not so much how they play with me. Ole Miss is going to get better and better as the years come. They have played some good games this year. I am just looking at the energy from the players and crowd. And to me, Ole Miss has some good fans. And their players play with a lot of energy, even when they are down. They have a very supportive crowd and play with enthusiasm."

Anymore college games on tap for Charles?

"I am going to the Ole Miss/LSU game and the Ole Miss/MSU game. I am suppose to take an official visit with Ole Miss the first weekend in January. That is the only one I have set up so far."

What about the Bulldogs?

"I have not had a chance to talk to with their coaches in a week, but they still send me a lot of letters. I have been watching them on TV when they play though."

What are Mitchell's observations from watching Mississippi State on TV?

"I can tell how much effort they are putting in there. They play with a lot of effort. They are just not as good as most of the teams they play, but they are winning some games. They play with a lot of effort."

Clarksdale is currently 8-1 on the season, but their star leader has been banged up since he pulled his hamstring on the first play of the game against South Panola.

"It feels better. I am getting quicker on the field now. I am able to move better. I would say I am about 95% healthy now."

The Dandy Dozen selection has been getting healthier and healthier and it is showing on the field.

"I had 2 TD's against Cleveland Friday. I had probably 8 or 9 tackles. Against Lafayette County the Friday before, I had a pick, 2 TD's and 6 tackles. For the season, I have 8 TD's on offense, and I do not know how many rushing yards I have. On defense, I have 60 tackles, 2 int's, 1 forced fumble, and 3 sacks."

Clarksdale, which is ranked in the Top 5 in the state of Mississippi, faces Indionala Gentry on Friday.

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