Terrence Cody has five at the top

Terrence Cody (NG, Gulf Coast CC, MS) - If you are looking for a large run stopper who can also put pressure on the quarterback, look down south and travel to Gulf Coast CC.

"A lot of people ask me if I am too big to play nose guard," added the 6' 5", 400 pound Terrence Cody. "And I tell them to look at Ted Washington, Casey Hampton, and Pat Williams in the league. They are all around 380 pound nose guards. Playing nose guard is different than the other tackle positions. Your job is to take up a lot of space. You can not get pushed out of your gap so you can demand a double team every play where the LB's can run around free to make the plays. If they do not double team me, then I am running around free the whole time."

Making plays is exactly what Cody has been doing for the nationally ranked Bulldogs.

"We are 8-0 right now. We were ranked #3 last week. I am not sure what our newest ranking is, but it should be pretty high. I do not really pay attention to my stats. I just pay attention to how good I did in that game. The opponents game plan is to keep the ball away from the middle and take it to the outside. They can run away from me all they want, it is just going to give our other guys a chance to make plays. But I am still averaging around 4 or 5 solo tackles a game, and I have 5 sacks on the season."

How would Terrence rate his play this season?

"I would give myself a B+ because I got hurt one game and I could have played better in it. But I did come back in the game after I got hurt. Somebody chop blocked me from behind. I could have torn something. I was lucky."

Colleges from all over the country have certainly taken notice. Which lucky programs are still in the running?

"It is mostly Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, Auburn, and Ole Miss."

Have all offered?

"Yes sir."

Who was the latest offer?

"Florida State offered me after the season started."

Anymore offers out there that are not on Cody's "favorite" list?

"Mississippi State, Delta State, West Virginia, and Texas A&M have also offered me."

What stands out about Alabama?

"I like the atmosphere at Alabama. It is a real nice place. They also have a lot of good coaches."

And Tennessee?

"They have a lot of history of putting defensive linemen in the league. They just have a lot of history of sending players to the league, and they have a championship caliber team."

What about Florida State?

"They have a lot of history at FSU too. They have a lot of big names in the league from Florida State."

And Ole Miss?

"I like them because they have a pretty good defense. They have some good young players on defense. They just need some veterans to come in there next year and help them out."

What are Auburn's positive's?

"I have not been there yet. I have not been to FSU either, but I know about FSU because I liked them growing up."

The Ft. Myers (FL) native has only toured one school.

"The only campus I have been to is Alabama. But I plan on taking some visits pretty soon."


"Alabama wants me to take an official visit to one of their games. Florida State wants me to take my visit to one of their games in November. Ole Miss wants me and a couple of my teammates to take an official visit after the season is over. I am going to visit all of those schools for sure."

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