Rebels behind the 8 ball with Lavar Edwards

Most colleges believe the 6' 3", 289 pound Desire Street product would be best served on the defensive line, but a couple of schools are still looking at him to play his desired position, tight end.

"Tulane and Ole Miss want me to play tight end, but the rest of them like me for either defensive end or tackle," added the soft spoken, Lavar Edwards. "I would like to play tight end in college, but I will do what ever they ask of me."

Lavar has had a very solid season for Desire Street this season as they now stand 4-3 on the season.

"We have two district games left, and we are second in the district right now. I am about to take an official visit to Tennessee this weekend."

What are Edwards stats on the season?

"The only thing I know for sure is that I have 10 TD's."

What improvements has Lavar made this year?

"My stats are better than last year, and I am really starting to push myself in the weight room. I have worked harder this year than any year in my career. It is starting to pay off."

The Baton Rouge (LA) stated that he will trip to Tennessee this weekend for an official visit; anymore on tap?

"No, not yet."

Who would Lavar like to visit?

"Probably LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Oklahoma."

All offers?

"Yes sir."

Anymore offers?

"Nebraska, Ole Miss, Tulane, and Florida."

Lavar mentioned that Tulane and Ole Miss were recruiting him to his desired position; where do those two stand?

"Tulane, well, I am not going to take an official visit there. There is a low chance I will play there. And Ole Miss, I will probably not take a visit there too. I do not know yet. There is a slight chance I will be going there."

Which colleges keep in weekly contact?

"LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma."

Has Lavar developed a tight relationship with any of the coaches who are calling?

"Alabama and the LSU coaches. I have known the LSU coaches the longest, but Alabama's stand out too."

Is there a time frame on a decision?

"It will probably be on signing day."

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