Practice report, Thursday

It's been said many times before, but it never hurts to say it again - thanks goodness for the Indoor Practice Facility. Rain forced the Rebels inside for Thursday's workout, but thanks to the IPF, they didn't miss a beat. Read what Coach Ed Orgeron had to say about the practice inside.

Coach O: We had a nice practice today. The guys have worked hard this week and I think they are ready to go.

Q: We ask you this every time your are indoors, but the benefits of the IPF are excellent, correct?

Coach O: We haven't practiced on our practice fields all week. We have either been in the stadium or in the indoor, and to have those options are invaluable. We walk out there in the IPF and waste no time. We miss out on nothing. At other schools I have been at, we'd be asking what are we going to do? Do we go to a gym or under a stadium or where? Here, we don't miss one second of preparation. It's a great asset.

Q: You don't see any dropoff in inensity inside?

Coach O: No, in fact I think the kids like it inside a lot of the time and they are even more intense.

Q: How is Jamarca Sanford?

Coach O: He's ready to go. It's good to have him back. He's got some mojo and chatter to him. The other guys love him being out there. It's fun to see guys like him and Peria Jerry really feeling the type of players they can be. Peria is a leader, he's healthy and he's feeling how good he can be. He had a great week of practice too. I think they will have great games.

Q: Can you give us a hint on middle linebacker?

Coach O: Right now, I'd say it will be Tony Fein, but both practiced well this week. It was encouraging to see a good week of practice after a good game. I think he's starting to get it. I think he's understanding what he needs to do. A Mike LB in our defense in the right spot will make a lot of tackles. If he's not in the right spot, we will ahve a long day. That's just the way it is.

Q: Did you and Tuberville cut your teeth on the 4-3 defense at the same time under Jimmy Johnson at Miami?

Coach O: We learned it together with Coach Johnson. We were sold on the 4-3 under him. We have similar philosophies. Mine went a little different way when I met Pete Carroll and Monte Kiffen. He's tied to that branch of the 4-3 tree in some ways, but Will Muschamp is more like Kiffen than Tommy is. It's all in the same family tree. It's all based on having a good defensive line and, by the way, Auburn has the best DL we have faced, no doubt. I have studied those guys. They are fantastic rushers who use their hands well. They four-man rush a large percentage of the time. They get after you.

Q: Did you see what you wanted to out of Seth Adams this week?

Coach O: Yes. He had a very good week, but Brent Schaeffer also did well. I think there is a big possibility you will see both of them. Whatever it takes for us to get moving, I will try. Brent has done what we have asked him to do and deserves a shot. He brings a spark to us if he is doing the right things.

Q: Is Marshay Green OK?

Coach O: Yes. He had three great punt returns today. I sense a big one is coming soon, but we have blocked a lot of kicks in the last three years, so that has affected our returns - we are going after a lot of kicks, but we think good returns are coming.

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