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Coach Ed Orgeron discusses the Auburn loss inside.

Our team really came out and battled. I am really pleased with the effort of our defense for the majority of the game. That last drive on third down hurt us. We had an all-out blitz on third down trying to make something happen. Cause a turnover, something like that, change the momentum of the game. Overall I thought Coach Thompson called a good game. Our team fought today. We were prepared after a very tough week after a poor performance against Arkansas. I was not pleased with the play of the offense. Obviously, we wanted to go 99 and had the ball there. We had a fantastic drive but made a poor decision with the football. There defensive line had too much penetration tonight. We have to see why that happened. As for the competitive spirit, I was happy with that, but I am by no means happy. We came here to win and fell short.

What happened on the interception?

I don't know. I need to find out. I haven't asked Dan yet. I'll find out.

Did you see anything out of Seth in the pregame to concern you?

No, no.

Did you think about going to Brent earlier?

There were a couple times in the game where I thought about it. Without a doubt, something to give us a spark. We weren't doing much, and he threw some good balls and had some mobility in the backfield. Again, that interception hurt us with us trying to tie the game up.

What happened to BenJarvus?

Well, he was injured. Banged up pretty good and came back. That shows his intestinal fortitude. His team spirit.

What about Seth, what happened to him?

He was kicked in the head but came back and played.

You seemed to get tackles for loss out of your defense line, correct?

Guys like Tony Fein came through tonight. I thought he played extremely well. I need to watch the film, but obviously, I liked the play of Peria Jerry and Viciente DeLoach, who stepped in and did a find job for us. He stepped in as a senior. Ashlee Palmer had a good game again.

What made DeLoach a good choice tonight?

We suspended Greg for disciplinary reasons and will handle it Monday after we get back. I just thought moving Marcus to the LEO position and Viciente having a good week of practice, it was our best choice.

Did you go bigger on the defensive front?

Yeah, it helped our physicality. Especially on short yardage. We had a couple stops there. They went big on us, so we have to go big on them. We made a couple adjustments this week, and it worked pretty well.

What about Lawon Scott?

Very pleased to see him play well. We moved him to nose tackle. We've had problems staying in the A gap, but he showed ability and mobility. It was a good day for a freshman.

Do you think Seth was more worried about throwing interceptions tonight?

I hope not. We'll see. I have to look at the film. I am watching the game just like y'all are. We'll have to see what happened. Sometimes it was coverage. They played a lot of cover two with a base defense. They got good pressure and sometimes, no one was open.

What did you think about Josh Shene?

That was great. Fantastic. First time I have seen a holding penalty like that on a field goal. I guess they happen.

Did you think the holding calls came in bad spots?

Yeah, they were in critical parts of the game. We were driving to tie the game that one time and got one inside the 50. They were critical.

What about Justin Sparks punting rugby style some?

It was a little better. He felt pressure and adjusted well.

Eleven points the last two games. Are teams scheming you better or what?

Today was cover two with a four man rush. There is not mystery to that. They played safeties deep and jammed us at the corners. We had been getting the deep ball against eight-man fronts. Auburn didn't play man on our receivers.

Talk about your defensive line.

They were much improved. Jamarca does so much for our entire defense. The group worked hard after giving up 44 points to Arkansas. We had a good week, and everything is fitting a little bit better.

Did Viciente show enough to maybe get another start?

I think so. I have no problem with that. He played hard and competed as a senior. He deserves it. I hope he can finish out very strong.

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