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After being humiliated by Arkansas at home, the Rebels tried to put their best foot forward at Auburn, but came up short again in another hard loss. Read some of the players' thoughts inside.

MLB Tony Fein: (On the defensive effort) We really had a heart-to-heart as players after last week's showing. The defensive leaders got together and vowed to each other we were going to put it all on the line. We knuckled down all week and stepped up in our preparations. We just decided it's no time to slack off. It's time to step up and show what we can do. We had to do some soul-searching. In this league, you have to perform every week and we had our pride hurt last week against Arkansas. It was a home game and we played poorly. It was a rude awakening for us after having played better in the previous weeks as a team. Even though we hadn't won any big games, we were at least competitive. We were not against Arkansas and that hurt. As an athlete, you can deal with losing a little better if you know you left everything out there. It's kind of like today - we are very disappointed we lost. We didn't come here to lose, but we put every ounce we had into the game. We can look in the mirror and know we did our best. That's all anyone can ask or expect. (On beefing up the defense) I'm confident no matter who is out there as long as we are giving 100% and doing all we can do, as I said. I think we had a bigger presence against Auburn with me at MLB, Viciente' at DE, Jamarca was back, Johnny Brown is a physical kid. We played more physical against Auburn, I thought, but I think it was a mindset involved, not just some bigger bodies out there. We're at Ole Miss for a reason - to play in the SEC and someone thought we are capable of that so we were recruited to do that. But now we have to play like we belong. We have for most of the year, but we had a lapse last week. This week, we played like we belong, but we still didn't play good enough. We have to play four quarters - nothing else is good enough. (On his role increasing) I'm getting more confidence week by week and feel my role is increasing not only on the field but as one of the leaders of the defense. I now understand what it takes to be an SEC linebacker and it's not all about talent. It's a mental challenge. (On speculation that the team had thrown in the towel) I think we dismissed that against Auburn. Everyone who was there knows we haven't quit by any stretch of the imagination. We have three great games left and feel we have a lot to play for. We are going to keep competing and trying to get better, no matter how this things ends up. I hope the fans see that and continue to support us because we are not going to quit on our coaches, on ourselves or on the fans. It's not going to happen.

WR Mike Wallace: (On Auburn's defense) They played cover two against us all day and took away our deep ball threat, but we had some openings underneath most of the day. We never got the running game going exactly like we wanted to to draw them in so they couldn't sit on the deep patterns, but we never really made them change their strategy. They were not going to let us beat them deep. They were going to make us execute and chip away. We were able to do that some, but not enough. We stopped ourselves most of the time with some key penalties and some missed opporunities. They are a real good, physical team, but we made them look better than they are. They are good, but they are not special. They are a unit we should have done better on. They gave us openings and we didn't attack those openings like we should have. (On the penalties) We have to eliminate those. When you are on the road, you can't have dumb mistakes that take your progress away from you. We made some plays and had them called back and that's just not winning football. It's simple. We have to play smarter.

DE Viciente' DeLoach: (On getting a chance to start) I was shocked when I was told I was going to start, but I have started before and knew I could handle it. It didn't take me long to get going. I felt like we were holding our own in a lot of ways. They beat us, but they did not just run over us. They knew they were in a game. I was loving it out there. We played hard and Auburn didn't show us anything new.

QB Seth Adams: (On getting injured) Yes, I got kicked in the head a little bit. A helmet shot, it disoriented me there for a second but its fine though. Its all good. (Were you concerned with throwing picks tonight?) No I wasn't concerned about interceptions. Obviously I wanted to protect the ball and that's something that I've focused on this week. I don't want to be timid but I don't want to force a pass. I need to be a little smarter with the ball this week. (What did the cover two force you to do?) We just try to take what the defense gives us. They weren't going to let us throw it deep. They played well we just stopped ourselves. They did a good job. Like I said we just shot ourselves in the foot and weren't able to execute. We've seen a little bit of cover 2 this year. They did a good job. We were able to move the ball some - take the underneath stuff and take what they gave us. We just didn't make the plays when we needed to. They just dropped so far back and gave us underneath stuff which we were hitting, you know. We aren't going to force anything we are just going to take what the defense gives us. Coach Werner called some good plays we just didn't execute. (On coming back in) Obviously I didn't want to come out of the game. It took me a minute to get back in to it. Like I said I was disoriented for a second.

FS Johnny Brown: (On what Auburn was doing) The running back they had, they were trying to run straight at us. Our defense, we kind of held them a little bit. (On what Jamarca Sanford means to the defense) Jamarca is a big boost for our defense. He is like a coach on the field. He knows defense. He helps me a lot.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On Auburn) They did a pretty good job of just pursuing the ball. I have to give them credit. We just have to come out and keep focusing and working hard. (On his injury) Right pectoral of my chest. It's alright though. I really just missed one series, it happened to be half time and I got x-rayed and it was fine and I strapped back up and went back out there. (On the scoring difficulties) Execution, that's been our main thing. At times, you know, like last game have to keep just doing our job and executing all four quarters.

QB Brent Schaeffer: (On the interception) It was a miscommunication. (On the drive before the pick) We came out from the one-yard line, grabbed the momentum and threw a couple of different looks at them. They weren't ready for me I guess. They had a plan against a different type of quarterback and you know you could see them just scrambling around. (On anticipating coming in) I was just waiting, you know, just if I had to go in - just supporting the team. Help the team from the sidelines.

K Josh Shene: (On the holding penalty) I thought it was on them because they said the was on number 89 and we don't have a number 89 on our field goal team. So at first I thought it was on them and once I figured out it was on us I knew I had to do the same thing that I did before. Just go out there and be nice and calm and put it through the uprights. (On being nervous) No, like I was telling him, I was little more nervous on the first one but then once I saw that I could do it I knew it wasn't going to be a problem.. I felt really really good. I had a good week of practice and my leg hasn't been bothering me at all. I had a great warm up so coming in today I was really excited playing in front of this many people, 80,000, so I felt really good coming in. (On kicking away from Oxford) I think probably a little better. I think I have missed one more away than I have at home. I get really excited for the away games. I love playing in front of 90,000 people, it makes it really fun.

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