Can Rebels ink this 4 star CB?

Robby Green (CB, River Ridge, LA) - The John Curtis Christian product is use to one thing and one thing only.

"We have won three state championships since I have been here," added Robby Green. "We plan on making that four before I leave (laugh)."

John Curtis had a tough game Friday against St. James as they lost a heartbreaker 16-14. They now stand at 7-2.

"I am mostly playing safety and cornerback right now. I was getting in some snaps at WR early in the season but not anymore."

The 6' 0", 170 pounder has 32 tackles, 4 int's, 10 pass breakups, and 3 blocked punts on the season. Which position is more natural; corner or safety?

"I like corner more. I like being lined up on an island. I see myself playing corner rather than safety in college."

Green feels like he has seen some improvements in his game from the previous seasons.

"My overall vision on the field is much better. I am also more patient. I am faster and more physical this year. Just another year of experience has helped my overall game."

Colleges have been lining up from coast to coast with hopes to land the young man. Which universities are in the running for an official visit?

"Florida, Ole Miss, and Arizona State are definitely going to get an official from me. I do not know about the rest of the schools yet. It will be December or January before I start taking them."

Who else is in the running for Mr. Green's services?

"Tennessee, LSU, and Alabama. Those schools are definitely in the running too. I have already figured it out, who I will visit. I will probably go to Tennessee and Alabama, along with ASU, Ole Miss, and Florida. I have already been to so many LSU games. There really is no reason for me to go back. I probably will not take an official visit with LSU."

How did a school as far away as Arizona State get involved with Robby?

"Well, their coaching staff is great. They have a great group of guys. As you can see on Saturday, they can play ball. I told everyone before the start of the year that ASU was going to have a huge year and nobody believed me. Look at them now. I have not been to their campus yet, but I know how their games and atmosphere are by watching them on TV. I am really ready to see what it is all about over there. I have a good friend, big Jonathan English, who is a freshman DT for them. He has told me a lot about ASU."

Which campuses has Robby visited?

"I went to Alabama. That was a great experience. I went to Southern Cal. It was great up there. I took a trip to UCLA too. It was also great. Oh yea, I forgot about USC. I will take an official visit to USC too."

What stands out with Ole Miss?

"I have a great relationship with Coach Frank (Wilson from Ole Miss). He use to coach at a high school right around the corner from me. Coach Frank has known my family a long time. And I have gotten real close with Coach O (Orgeron from Ole Miss). I am starting to really get to know their whole staff, and I know a lot of the players on that team. They have a lot of people from the neighborhood that play over there. One of my real good friends plays over there too, Colby Arceneaux. He tells me all the great things about their school and history. They are definitely going to turn it around, if not this year, next. All of their talent is just real young but they are about to explode like Arizona State did this year."

And Tennessee?

"I like their staff and team chemistry. All of the schools I think I can get in and play early and Tennessee is one of them. I have a great relationship with Coach Trooper. I do not know the rest of the staff, but I am looking forward to meeting them on my visit. They have a great program. They have lost some tough games this year, but they are about to turn it around."

What are Southern Cal's positives?

"I went to their camp this summer. Their staff is so alive and fun to be around. Everything about Coach Carrol is great. They have a family atmosphere over there, so you know you are going to get a lot of support. I played with Joe McKnight, and he tells me I will love it in LA. I also grew up rooting for (U)SC. I am ready to get back out there and see it again."

And LSU?

"It is like a big family at LSU. I know everyone on that staff. I know all of their players too. They treat me like family. The atmosphere at their football games is great too. I am really considering them, but as far as visiting for an official, I do not think so, but I love their program. I think they will be in the national championship game this year. I will say that on the record."

What does Green like about Alabama?

"Just like the LSU staff, I have a great relationship with them. They are turning that program around. The first time I went there the year before Coach Saban got there, it was dead. And now it is alive. They are building new stuff all around. Coach Saban is a wonderful coach. He is a hands on guy. That was the only camp where they worked me hard, and it was not a recruiting camp. They were just trying to make me better. I am going this weekend to Alabama to see them play LSU in the big showdown. I can't wait."

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