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The following is Coach Ed Orgeron's Monday press conference prior to the Ole Miss-Northwestern State football game.

Orgeron: After watching the Auburn film, defensively we were very pleased with the play of Jamarca Sanford. It was great to have him back, and Johnny Brown. We think those two guys make a nice physical tandem. A very good tackling tandem back there. Tony Fein, as I said after the game, made a lot of improvement and made some really, really good plays. We're really pleased with his performance. Lawon Scott, true freshman, played nose tackle for us and at times played really well for us. Showed some quickness in there. We were really pleased with the job that Viciente DeLoach did at defensive end. He did an admirable job at defensive end. He's probably going to start for us there. Offensively, after watching the film, we just didn't get much done. We knew going into the game that they were a very good defense. We got outphysicaled sometimes. We justr didn't have many gaps open in our passing routes. We are very disappointed in our production on offense. We've got to move on and get ready for Northwestern State. It's Monday and we'll go through our whole system this week in practice and prepare very well against Northwestern. Greg Hardy is suspended from the football team indefinitely for violation of team rules, and we'll just move on from there.

Q: Did you fit your gaps better this week?

O: No doubt. We knew what they were going to run, and for the most part we were correct. Our guys were in the right places, not all the time, but it was a lot better.

Q: There has been speculation regarding your future at Ole Miss. How has that affected the players?

O: We deal with that. I dealt with my players last Monday. I have a strong relationship with the administration, and I feel strongly that definitely I am going to be the head coach here next year. So I'd like to put that to rest and we move on.

Q: What has caused the offensive struggles the last few weeks?

O: Let me say this. Those are two very talented defenses. Arkansas was quick. We were facing a little more pass coverage and better pass rush (at Auburn). We had problems getting in the open. We got outmanned and outphysicaled up front. No secret or anything.

Q: Is Lawon Scott somewhat of a surprise?

O: We watched Lawon and found him late in recruiting. Could have been November or December. He was a late bloomer. We saw his quickness. We always like to find a diamond in the rough. We really like his quickness and his flexibility.

Q: Would you have went to Brent at some point regardless of Seth's injury?

O: I think that's a feel during the game to see how the offense was moving.

Q: Is there a time where you go to the younger players to get them experience for next year?

O: We want to win every game we play. We play our best players at all times.

Q: Can you elaborate on Hardy's suspension?

O: Violation of team rules.

Q: What have you seen from Northwestern State?

O: First of all, their record doesn't show it, but they'll come to play. They scored on the first series last year. It's a big game for them. It's a bowl game for them. We caught some problems last year against them. They're going to be very fired up to play us. There's no we can take them lightly. Are we the better football team? Yes. Should we win the game? Yes. But we have to prepare to play them. I think there's four guys who transferred there. This will be a big game for those guys. They're going to play lights-out ball. We just need to prepare well and play well.

Q: How do you evaluate Brent's play on that drive?

O: He made some good plays. He made some good throws out there and moved around. It's unfortunate that the interception was thrown. I want to say this to you. I read what some of you guys said about this and that. I'm going to tell you this about the play. We've gotta take care of the ball. We gotta take care of the ball. How many people need to take care of the ball? All 11 on the field. That ball was not taken care of. Take care of the ball.

Q: How does Greg's suspension affect the team?

O: Let me say this to you. I thought we played well defensively against Auburn for most of the game. That last blitz where went after them, it was all-out, two guys were free, and I think they made a good play. We played well, and I expect the team to practice well. We are a program where if a player is hurt of suspended, then someone has to step up. Saturday was a great example of someone doing that with Viciente DeLoach, a senior not playing much and having an opportunity. He played one of his best games. We have to step up and move on.

Q: Do you plan to change any starters this week?

O: We may after looking at things. See how the week goes on.

Q:Besides Greg, a couple players have been held out of games because of suspensions. Are you worried that it is a trend?

O: As I look across the country, I see guys getting arrested and put into jail. I haven't seen any of that with my players. I feel we run a strict disciplined program here. I feel I have a well behaved team, and it never gets publicized. We have team rules, and we have consequences for breaking them. I stick to those rules regardless of the young man who commits them. None of these infractions are law abiding. They are a violation of team rules. There are 105 men on a team. If I think I am going to start practice in August and not have a problem with anyone for a whole season, that won't happen. I have a disciplined team. Guys know there will be penalties for violating a rule. Our program may be stricter than others.

Q: Gary Riggs transferred to Northwestern State. Can you talk about him?\

O: I think he is a good player. I am glad he is doing well. A lot of those guys can have a lot of success at that level. I played at that level. It is a lot different than this one. We always thought Gary would have a lot of success against the people he is playing against. I know their coach. He is an outstanding guy. I hope the best for all of the players. Coach Stoker is a friend of mine. I am glad they went there.

Q: Did you get more punch out of your defense with bigger guys?

O: A little bit. We had more physical toughness against a good team. And their (Auburn) offensive line, I have played them four times, and I think that is the best their offensive line has looked. They came off the ball and were physical. Their backs ran well. We finally got some bigger guys out there. We have been injured, and in the SEC, you have to have powerful lower bodies. We are getting guys in there that can hang in there.

Q: What is the quarterback situation?

O: Seth is the starter. The only reason he came out was because he was hit in the head. I thought that was illegal.

Q: Have you been given any assurances that you will be the coach next season?

O: I have a strong relationship with the administration and talk to them often. I feel strongly that I am on a five-year plan, and I thought they knew it would take a while. I am only on my second full year of recruiting. We are going to have a great recruiting class again this year, and I think the administration, you can ask them, I'm not speaking for them, they thought it would take a while. Obviously we are disappointed with the record, but I think we are in the middle of something. There are seven or eight games that could have went either way. With a couple more recruiting classes, I know I can get the job done that I was brought him to do.

Q: How is BenJarvus doing?

O: I saw him yesterday. He is bruised up pretty good. Most guys probably wouldn't have went in the game. He is a competitor and wants to win. Knowing Ben, it is no surprise. He is a big back that took a beating, but he came back. He is very tough and what you need in this league.

Q: Is using more than one quarterback an option?

O: We'll see. It is early in the week. Have to see what goes on in practice. Brent made some plays and looked good, but we have to protect the ball.

Q: Do you expect to have BenJarvus at full capacity in practice this week?

O: He will be out for a little bit, not the game but practice. I saw him in the training room, and he is pretty bruised up. Knowing him, if I told him to practice, he would. It is the kind of guys you want to see on your team.

Q: Has Robert Lane at QB been in any gameplans?

O: It just didn't work out for us. We spent a lot of time on it, but it didn't work out.

Q: With inconsistency on each side at different times, do you feel like you are plugging holes and something else breaks?

O: We feel like that at sometimes. It's what its like when you are building a program. Fix something and something else breaks. We will continue to do it though. I am glad to see that we finally played decent defense. They had a lot of yards, but when you hold them to ten points for the majority of the game, you have a chance. That is how we want to play football here.

Q: Can you share anything on Marshay?

O: He was banged up in the game and couldn't go back in. He will be fine for the game. He is tough and should practice at some point in the week.

Q: What younger guys have you seen improvement in?

O: Johnny Brown. We need a strong safety back there. A big, tough one. I mentioned Lawon Scott and Tony Fein. Ashlee Palmer is one of our leaders week in and week out as a first-year player. At practice, I see Jevan Snead. He has a tremendous release. He could have played for us at Miami or USC. He is that type of football player. I know that quarterback is waiting. Jeremy McGee is very quick. Cordera Eason and Derrick Davis. We have a lot of promise. Many guys coming back. Ted Laurent. And we are going to have a great recruiting year. I know the first thing to get is a kickoff guy. Need someone to kickoff. We have to take care of things on defense. I feel that this coming year, we will plug holes and become strong.

Q: What type of back is Jeremy McGee?

O: Make people miss. Change of direction. Scat back guy. Something that we haven't had back there.

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