Dan Werner -

Immediately after the 17-3 loss to Auburn, Ole Miss OC Dan Werner stated the obvious - the Rebel offense did not play very well. The film of the game proved his instincts about the game were correct. The Rebs didn't look good live or on film.

"The verdict is still the same. We did not play very good," said Werner. "We did get some nice run plays because they were playing their safeties deep, but the problem was we weren't consistent enough to keep drives going.

"We were getting four yards a play, but sooner or later you get a play for a loss and we weren't making that ground back up with bigger plays most of the time. That's where we got in trouble and we had some drops on third down that were drive-killers."

Werner said bad plays are more critical against that style of defense.

"You have to get positive plays and be consistent with it because they don't let you get big plays. As soon as you get a zero play or minus-yardage play, now you have to average five or six yards a play instead of 3.3 and that's a big difference," he evaluated. "We had too many of those that we could not overcome."

Coach Ed Orgeron said senior Seth Adams will remain the starting quarterback based on his decision-making. Werner was asked if Seth was throwing the ball away too quickly or if he was making sound decisions.

"He did a good job. It's on me now. If the opponent is going to play cover two, I have to be able to get more guys out in routes and get it protected. I wasn't sure if our guys could protect without keeping a lot of guys in. Consequently, not as many receivers were in routes and not as many were open like they usually are. He's supposed to throw it away in those situations and he did," Werner explained. "I don't want sacks and turnovers. I want him to throw the ball away if everyone is covered."

Late in the game, Adams was hit in the head and knocked out the contest during a big drive. Senior Brent Schaeffer took over and drove the Rebs to the Auburn 20 before throwing an inteception in the Tigers' end zone.

"I thought Brent came in and did a good job. Obviously, he did not protect the football on the last play, and that bothers me a lot, but other than that he played very well," Dan noted. "He made some nice throws and scrambled well. I would not hesitate to put Brent in the game again if we need him."

Auburn's front four was tough on the Rebs, but all of that does not fall on the OL.

"If we give up a sack, people automatically think it's the OL, but it could be something else. As I have said a thousand times, it takes 11 guys to succeed and it takes 11 guys to lose. Obviously, when you are losing, you have several positions not playing well," Dan said. "We just have to keep working as hard as we can and get everyone more consistent."

Werner said it's been hard getting a bead on the Northwestern State defense, but he thinks he's got them figured out to some extent.

"They have played a lot of spread teams so it's been difficult finding film of them playing our type of offense. What little we have seen, they like to get eight men in the box, play man coverage on the wideouts and play a single safety. Hopefully that will free up some wideouts to get some big catches," he said. "They have given up a lot of points this year, but the last game or two they appear to have gotten better against a decent team.

"I just want to score a bunch of points and win a game."

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