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Rebel freshman Defensive Lineman Lawon Scott has been learning the ropes of playing in the trenches in the SEC since August, but when he was moved to nosetackle from DT, the light came on brighter and he earned a lot of playing time against Auburn last weekend.

Lawon Scott wasn't a highly-recruited player in high school.

In fact, Ole Miss didn't get on him until late in the process last year and he was thought of as a "project" signee.

But in three short months, he has separated himself from the more highly-touted frosh DL Ted Laurent by keeping his nose to the grindstone.

"Lawon has practiced very hard and has learned little by little," said Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator John Thompson. "He graded real well in the Auburn game. He was physical and hung in there against a very good offensive line."

Lawon said his progress has been gradual, but steady.

"I just got moved to nosetackle and I think that suits me better. I played nose in high school and I'm picking up the technique pretty quickly," said Scott. "I learned last Wednesday I was probably going to play a lot against Auburn. Someone was sick at nose and I was moved there and did pretty well. The coaches told me I looked more natural there.

"It all happened so fast that I didn't have a chance to get nervous about the Auburn game. Before I knew it, I was out there and just tried to do my best."

Scott said it was a matter of comfort at nose versus DT.

"I can see and keep up with the ball better," Lawon noted. "I feel like I am getting off faster and am more comfortable. The techniques are easier for me because I feel I can get up under centers and guards and move them around some. I thought we played very well on the DL - guys stepped up."

The adjustment from high school to quality playing time in college didn't take Scott as long as he felt it would.

"I'm ahead of the schedule I thought about when the year started. I thought it would take me longer to adjust to the speed of the game and the tempo of practice and things like that," he stated. "I thought I might play this year, but not as much as I am playing now.

"Now, I have to keep working on the basics - the speed of the game, techniques and getting stronger. I'm still a freshman. Even though I am happy with how I have progressed, there's a world of stuff to learn."

Lawon gets it when it comes to the development of a college football player.

"On this level, everyone is as big and fast as you are. You have to outplay them with effort or technique and that takes time to learn. You have to have the right mindset because you are going to win some battles and lose some battles," he continued. "In high school, you may go a half a season before you face someone with your skills and it's easy. Here, every play is a war.

"It comes down to athletic ability, desire, technique, conditioning and the right frame of mind."

Lawon is excited about the future of the Rebel defense.

"We are young and we almost beat all the good teams we have played so far except Arkansas," he explained. "I think we will have a great season next year."

And he believes he will be right in the thick of things.

"I will be a lot better next year than I am now and I'm getting playing time now. I'm excited about the future and about my future as well," he closed.

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