Florida athlete talks about Ole Miss

Orhian Johnson (Ath, Gulfport, FL) - The 6' 4", 190 pound athlete has been the starting quarterback for Boca Ciesa the past three seasons.

How is the '07 campaign going?

"It has been pretty good, so far," commented Orhian Johnson. "We are still #1 in District. We control our own destiny. If we win Friday, we will be District Champs. We play Bradington Bay Shore."

How has Orhian's performed this season?

"I think I have played all right ball. I am playing for the team this year. I am not going too far with things. We have one of the best defenses, if not the best defense, around this area so I do not take too many chances. I am playing within the system so we can win games. I have thrown for 1, 009 yards and 13 TD's so far."

What are Johnson's strengths on the field?

"I am very athletic. That is one of my biggest attributes. I get out of the pocket pretty quickly. I am versatile. I play defense too, cornerback and free safety."

What are the colleges recruiting Orhian to play?

"Right now, they are looking at me as an athlete or quarterback."

What does Orhian prefer to play on the next level?

"I just want to play football. The coaches are smart. They will put me at the best position to get me to the next level."

How long has Johnson been playing defensive back?

"I have always played offense and defense. My 11th grade year, I did not get too many touches at defensive back. I do not start at DB, but I come in when we have a passing down."

What is Johnson's favorite position to play?

"When I am on the field, I am loving it. I can not say I like one position over the other. I just like being out on the field."

Any official visits set up yet?

"No sir, I plan on getting them set up this upcoming weekend. I decided I am going to narrow my schools down as we get close to playoff time. I am going to cut it down to 10 schools. Five of them I will take an official visit with, but just because I am not taking an official visit to a school does not mean I might not end up there. All ten will be in the running."

Which colleges are still under consideration?

"All the schools who have offered me. (Ohio State, Ole Miss, Indiana, Kansas, South Florida, Tennessee). I am just looking to play."

Which colleges are still in phone contact?

"There are a a lot of schools who still call. Indiana, Kansas, South Florida, Tennessee, Ohio State, Ole Miss. There are a lot of schools really."

Which ones are the most active in their calls?

"They all call about the same, once a week."

Any one coach stand out so far?

"Not really. I have enjoyed all of them equally. They all seem cool so far."

Has Johnson been anywhere unofficially this Fall?

"I went to Ohio State. It was a pretty good visit. I enjoyed the environment. I met with the coaches. It was nice."

What did the staff say to Orhian?

"They told me I will get a full ride and play either defensive back or wide receiver."

Has Johnson visited anymore campuses?

"I went to Tennessee for a one day visit this summer. I have seen South Florida's campus a few times. I went down to FIU and saw their campus. That is it so far."

Any colleges recruiting Johnson for QB?

"Ole Miss has told me that they will put me at either QB or WR. They have a tendency to have a lot of athletic QB's, which fits my game. I like how they pass the ball. I know Ole Miss has not been a household name, but they are an up and coming program. Their staff has been real with me, and I appreciate that."

Orhian reported earlier that he was high on the Gators; still feel the same way?

"They are a great program. Just to receive interest in them is great, but they have not offered me yet. It is what it is. I am concentrating on the schools who have offered me."

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