Practice report, Wednesday

The Ole Miss football team worked out in shells on the practice fields on hump day of preparations for the Northwestern State game this Saturday at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments inside.

Q: How is Lawon Scott doing at NT after the extensive playing time he got against Auburn?

Coach O: He's working hard and doing a lot with the first team. I expect him to play a lot the last three games.

Q: We didn't see the Jerry brothers out there today.

Coach O: They have slight injuries, but nothing that would keep them away Saturday. It's up in the air, but I think they will be OK. Marshay Green is questionable. I'm not sure if he will play or not.

Q: How are the younger guys who are getting the interior work on the DL doing?

Coach O: It's a good time for them to get better and they are working hard to do that. It's a good time for them to cut their teeth. I hope we get to see Teddy (Laurent) play.

Q: Is Viciente' DeLoach still showing up well?

Coach O: Yes, and he's appreciative of the opportunity. He's getting after it.

Q: What is your feeling about playing some more of the younger guys this weekend if you get way ahead?

Coach O: I would love to play guys like Cordera Eason and some others. We just haven't been ahead enough to give them that opportunity yet. We weren't ahead of NW State last year, as I recall. We will play our best players to win the football game, but if we ever get ahead enough, I want to play everyone.

Q: Is there any added emotion for you playing your alma mater?

Coach O: No, it's been too long ago. It's good to see everyone there, but I am tied to so many schools where I have coached and that's far away. You get tied to people and create relationships with people. Those are the strong bonds you develop.

Q: Has there been more emphasis this week on the vertical passing game?

Coach O: A little, but what we are working on more are the things giving us problems and how to correct those areas.

Q: If more teams play cover two against you, what do you have to do more of?

Coach O: Number one, you have to run the ball because there shouldn't be enough men in the box to stop you. There are also some passing avenues that hurt cover two and you have to execute those.

Q: BenJarvus Green-Ellis was not at practice today. How is he?

Coach O: I think he will play. Like I said Monday, he's banged up, but I look for him back. He's one of the harder guys to keep off the field, but that was a very physical game last Saturday against Auburn.

Q: How is Bruce Hall doing without BJGE out there?

Coach O: He'd doing good.

Q: No offense to NW State, but is this a good week to try to get some guys healthier?

Coach O: We have practiced about the same and guys who can be out there need to be. Next week will be more of a healing week.

Q: NW State has a running back who is averaging 5.8 yards a carry. What are your thoughts on their offense?

Coach O: If you look at them, and this may sound like coach-talk and it's not, they give you multiple formations, they run the right plays and they spread you out. They have some good thoughts and schemes. The take option they run is real good. That RB is their best guy - he's a speed guy who can cut and go. He's like Jeremy McGee, who is redshirting for us this year.

Q: Talk more about BJGE.

Coach O: He's disappointed in not winning, but he's a team guy and he believes in what we are doing. He knows he has been a big part of our foundation for the future. I can't say enough good things about him.

Q: Are you seeing Tony Fein's maturity surfacing now?

Coach O: I think he's learned a lesson of what it takes on this level and has now bought in the last few weeks. Coach Thompson has his claws in Tony and now he understands what we need out of him. But it's not about age, it's about leading by example. Johnny Brown is a leader and he's a true freshman.

Q: Who gets a shot behind Viciente' now without Greg Hardy in the lineup?

Coach O: Kentrell Lockett and Antonio Turner. They will get their chance.

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