"Finish Strong"

Chris Wilkes (QB, Orlando, FL) - Dr. Phillips got off to a 1 - 3 start mainly because they were playing three teams that were ranked in the top ten national high school poll, but with the help of their star QB, they have rebounded.

"Winning five in a row has really lifted our spirits up after that start," added the 6' 4", 220 pound Chris Wilkes. "We have a big district game against Boone Friday and we finish with West Orange."

The turnaround is good but Dr. Phillips knows the real test has yet to come.

"We have to start winning the ones we are not suppose to win. We know that. We are the underdogs this Friday, so this is a game that could turn the corner for us. We need to win the big games now. We are taking care of business against the teams we are suppose to beat."

How has Wilkes played during the five game winning streak?

"The last three weeks, me and WR Damion Allen (AU commit) have really connected. He has about eight TD's, and I have not thrown the ball more than fifteen times in a game this season. I was 8 - 10 for 170 yards and 2 TD's last Friday. I do not throw the ball that much because of our running backs. We have one that is committed to Georgia Tech (Embry Peeples) and one to Arkansas (Thomas Shuler), so we go with our strengths. They were both out the last few weeks. That is why my numbers have gone up because we have thrown the ball more the last three weeks. Peeples came back last Thursday and Shuler comes back on Friday. We are going to be healthy again in our game Friday. We are pretty excited to get those two guys back. I know I am."

What are Wilkes' season stats?

"I think I am 62-93 for around 1, 000 passing and 12 TD's."

Does Wilkes still feel solid with his Ole Miss commitment?

"Oh yea, I do not have any regrets. I do not see anything changing in the future."

When was the last time Chris was in contact with the Ole Miss staff?

"I just spoke with Coach Werner yesterday. He calls me every week before I play in my game, and I call him every week before they play in theirs. We just kind of talk about offensive game plans for that game and what we need to do."

Do other colleges continue to call Wilkes?

"Yea, they still call, but I tell them to call my coach because I am not interested as much. Tommy Bowden called two weeks ago. Miami still calls. Georgia Tech is still in touch. You know, the same schools."

Has Wilkes had a chance to watch any of the Ole Miss games?

"Oh yea, I went over there for the Florida game, and I have seen play on TV a couple of times. That play against Alabama. That was wrong. But they have to learn how to finish. Hopefully I can show them how to do that next year. But really, they have not caught too many breaks, like Alabama. They could easily be going to a bowl game if they had caught some breaks."

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