Practice report, Thursday

The Rebs continued their preparations for Northwestern State with their final full-speed practice of the week today. Read what Coach O had to say about the workout inside.

Coach O: We had a good week of work this week. Peria Jerry came back today and looked fine. I don't think Marshay Green is going to play and I'm not sure how much BenJarvus Green-Ellis is going to play - he's still a little banged up. He practiced today, but I don't know how much he'll play this week.

Q: Without Marshay, who do you think you lean on more there at wideout?

Coach O: Those guys have done a good job, but we are a little banged up at those positions. We have some guys who are pushing through practice, but are hurt a little there. I see more throws to Mike Wallace, Dexter McCluster and Shay Hodge, but also Lionel Breaux might get some time and action. He's doing well. He's just learning, that's all. Athletically, he's different than anyone we have. He's real fast, but he's also stockier. He's a nice sized kid who can also make you miss. He can also run you over.

Q: Without Marshay, who will return punts and KOs?

Coach O: Dextrer can do some of that and so can Lionel. We'll see.

Q: What about Wallace on kickoff returns?

Coach O: It's a feel thing. Marshay can stop on a dime and change directions. Mike is more of a straight ahead guy, so it's a little more difficult for him.

Q: How do you keep your team from coming out flat against a NW State team that is not as good as what you have been playing?

Coach O: Work them hard and talk to them. I talked to them today about what's going on and exactly what I expect of them. For the most part, I think they are going to do fine.

Q: There have been a few drops lately by wideouts. Has there been more emphasis on correcting that this week?

Coach O: Yes. We are working the jugs hard, techniques and having consequences with misses in practices.

Q: Who are some of your other younger players who might see action Saturday?

Coach O: Lawon Scott, Ted Laurent, Allen Walker, Breaux and I would really love to see Cordera Eason get some time. He deserves it.

Q: How are the QBs doing?

Coach O: Seth is our QB and if he is not having success we will put Brent in, the same plan we had last week.

Q: How are your young OL doing?

Coach O: I think Rishaw Johnson is doing very well. Daverin Geralds has moved over from defense and he may play some this week. Bradley Sowell is probably going to redshirt, but he's doing well. Big Tank (Alex Washington) is losing weight. We put him on a diet because he was about 364 pounds when he reported. They are all coming along.

Q: Who do you have in the wings as a center for next year with two senior centers handling it all this year?

Coach O: Daverin and Rishaw are both working on that now. I think either of them could handle it and do a good job, but I'd say Daverin right now. He's smart, he comes off the ball well and he can make good adjustments because he's intelligent. He just needs to work on the mechanics of snapping.

Q: What about Chris Strong? How is his weight right now and where do you project him?

Coach O: He's about 272 right now and I like him at that weight. We just have to decide if he will play DE or DT. Right now, I envision him as a big DT, but it all depends on what happens with our DL personnel. I'd like to make a decision though and keep him at one position. He moves well and does a good job. He'd be perfect at 285, which is ideal. I think he can run a 4.8 or 4.7 at that size and that is perfect too. We want quickness up front and he can give us that.

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