Rebels bringing athleticism into the program

Brandon Wilson (F, Monroe, LA) - Carroll head coach, Chris Oney, got a surprise call last summer.

"I got a call telling me that Brandon Wilson was transferring in from Rayville," recalled the former Ole Miss guard, Coach Oney. "I was like, Christmas has come early. Man, that was a good day. You are talking about kids who slip through the cracks. Brandon defines it."

The Carroll head coach goes as far as stating that Wilson is one of the country's elite players.

"He is one of the top 40 players in the country. There is nothing he can not do on the basketball court. He did not get a chance to play in the tournaments. People did not know about him. After a few games at Ole Miss, not only will the people at Ole Miss learn about Brandon, the whole country will."

What does the Ole Miss commit and soon to be signee (on November 14th) bring to the table?

"Everything. He brings all three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He can play the point or sometimes I will post him with Terrance Henry. It is amazing how versatile both of them are. The Ole Miss fans are going to be dropping their jaws when they see those two enter that program. The Ole Miss basketball program is back on the map. I can assure you of that. Brandon can play anything from the 1 to the 4 and Terrance can play anything from the 2-5. Brandon is working hard in his classes. He has turned the corner, academically. It is has filtered to his game. When he first came here. I did not know he could do the things he can do. He can pass, shoot, dribble, rebound, take it to the rim. He is the whole package."

What does Henry do best on the court?

"That is the thing about Brandon and Terrance. I do not know. You try to pin point one thing. Neither of them shoot it great, but at the same time, they knock it down. They can get to the goal when ever they want. But the best thing about Brandon is that he is a great penitrator. He can make eight 3's one night and eight dunks the next. He adjusts well against his competition."

Coach Oney believes the Rebels were lucky to recognize Wilson's talents first.

"Some other schools tried to get involved. Most of the schools who were recruiting Terrance (Henry) starting recruiting Brandon. They would scout Terrance and come up to me and ask where in the world did Brandon come from? It was getting serious with a lot of them, but once he game his verbal to Ole Miss, that was it. My kids stick with their word. None of the people who called got entertained. I will put it that way."

Why did Brandon choose to play for Ole Miss?

"They did a great job recruiting him and got on him before they saw he was going to make it, academically. Other schools took a wait and approach, but Ole Miss was aggressive and it paid off. Brandon will have everything he will need to be a full qualifier. He has come a long ways. We are proud of him."

With players like Brandon Wilson and Terrance Henry, it is so small wonder Carroll will go into the season as the favorites to bring back the trophy.

"That is always our goal, to win our last game. This year will be no different."

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