David Rue completes his freshman season

David Rue (TE, East MC CC, MS) - The '07 Ole Miss signee failed to qualify, academically, and just completed his freshman season at East MC CC.

How hard was that on David to go from soon-to-be SEC ball to juco ball?

"It was real hard," added David Rue. "I did not know what to do. It was a nightmare, to be honest, but when I talked to Coach Frank (Wilson), he told me a lot of colleges are still calling and asking about me. That made me feel better. I just left it up to Frank to pick out a school."

How has the transition gone?

"Well, so far everything is going pretty good," added the 6' 5", 250 pound David Rue. "To me, it is not that much different than high school. It is just a level above, but not too much different."

Was Rue surprised by this?

"Yea, I thought it would be faster. I mean, there is a little difference. Do not get me wrong, the game is kind of fast, but not as fast as I thought it would be. It probably took me about a week of practice to get it down. That was it."

How did David's freshman season go?

"I started off a little rough. I dropped a couple of passes in the third game. I did not know what was going on. I guess I had the jitters or something. Once I did that, I settled down and said this is no different than high school. Everything just started clicking after that. I earned the trust of our coaches and got the ball some more, but we are a running team. When you have Lagarrette Blount, I guess you are going to run the ball (laugh), but when he graduates, I will get the ball more next season."

What were David's stats on the season?

"Don't put this in writing, but I think I had 19 catches for 238 yards."

What improvements did Rue see in his game from this season to last season?

"I know I have gotten bigger and stronger. I just play to my ability every game. I did real good in blocking this year. I blocked my butt off. I just feel for some reason that I had to prove something to the coaches because I dropped those passes. I didn't want them to lose faith in me and not give me the ball, so that kept me working hard all the way until the end."

David got a chance to take in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss for the La Tech game with a couple of his teammates, including Lagarrette Blount.

"It was a good time. I was not worried about the game. I wanted to see my boys Rishaw Johnson and Ben Jarvis. I have been to Ole Miss several times before. It was not a big deal or anything."

What did the coaches say to Rue?

"They just said it was good to see me again. They call me Big Rue. They said I was toned up more, more solid now."

What did David observe by watching the Rebel TE's?

"The TE's they have at Ole Miss are very aggressive but not that big. Robert Lane had 2 or 3 passes thrown his way but he dropped two of them because he got hit, and he just dropped another one. I think he caught one of the three balls thrown his way. That is what I did in our third game of the year, so I am not pointing fingers at Robert. But I think I have the size, speed, and I just want it more. That is why Ole Miss likes me so much."

Does Rue plan on resigning with Ole Miss after his sophomore campaign?

"I hope so."

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