Quinn Sanford expected to play center at OM

Quinn Sanford (OL, Batesville, MS) - South Panola stretched their winning streak to 71 this past Thursday and their star offensive lineman could not be anymore happy.

"Man, the season is going really/really good," stated the always personable Quinn Sanford. "We got off to a good start. The coaches are working on us hard. When our old coaches left, the new coaches kept our mind on the right path. Everyone is getting along. The season has been going real/real good."

Sanford has been with a part of seniors that has gone 56 and 0 during their four year tenure. Which team was the best out of the four?

"I want to say this year because we have all been playing together since we were in 7th grade. We have never lost a game, all the way back to 7th grade. It is like a family thing with us. We eat, sleep, watch TV, play football, go to school, just everything together. You play better when you are playing for someone that is like your brother."

Quinn is pleased with his personal play this season.

"It has been going good for me. I just got selected to the MS/AL All-Star game in December. You know me, I am all about representing my state, so you know I have that date circled on my calendar. Yea, everything is going good. The only bump in the road was the Southaven game where I hurt my ankle. I have not been playing much since that injury. I keep putting a bug in their ear to let me play, but they want me to heal before the playoffs start this Friday. It feels good though. I am ready to go. I have 63 pancakes so far this season. I am trying to get to a 100."

If Quinn were to give himself a grade for his performances this season; what would it be?

"I would give myself an A because I have been playing good in every game. I have been real consistent this year. That is all I do, play good, I never take a day off."

What has Sanford improved on this season?

"Ole Miss runs a lot of zone blocking, and we started running a lot of zone with this new staff. I picked it up real good. My coaches have been spending a lot of time with me helping me learn the zone blocking system. It has paid off. That is what I am talking about with this new staff; they just stay on top of things and go the extra mile for all of us. They really are a great group of coaches. But yea, that is what Ole Miss runs, so I am already going to fit in good at Ole Miss. Ole Miss is going to run a lot of zone blocking, and I am going to already have it down before I get there. I am going to be ahead of the curve."

Does Quinn still feel solid with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"You know, it is the same old. I am still ready for us (Darius and Bud Barksdale) to come up there and be ready to play some ball."

That has not stopped other schools from trying to change Sanford's mind.

"I still get calls from Alabama, Florida, and Southern Mississippi. They still call me all the time wanting me to come over there for an official. Auburn has started calling a lot too."

Quinn could be changing positions when he arrives at Ole Miss.

"I played guard and tackle at South Panola, but they are going to put me at center at Ole Miss. I have played center a little bit. My cousin, John Jerry, is going to teach me how to block it when I get over to Ole Miss."

Sanford also received some good news last week that could get him a step closer to gaining eligibility to enroll at Ole Miss.

"I made a 19 on the ACT (test). I need a 21 to become a qualifier, so I am only two points away now."

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