Bud Barksdale ready to make an impact at OM

Bud Barksdale (DB, Batesville, MS) - One of the more underrated players in the Magnolia state hails from the top program in the state.

How does that happen?

"I have no idea," stated Bud Barksdale, who was left out of the MS/Al All-Star game due to the rule that states you can not have anymore than three picks off of any one team. "I never even really think about it. I just go out and play ball."

South Panola carries a 71 game winning steak into Friday's night contest playoff opener against Jackson Provine. Does Bud feel the pressure to keep the streak alive?

"There really is not any pressure or anything. We had some downfalls earlier this year, but we have it back together. I am just concerning myself with how we are playing now, not any winning streak or any of that stuff. People ask us all the time what it feels like to have the nation's longest winning streak? I just tell them that we do not know any other way to feel because we have never lost a game. There is no pressure on us or anything. We expect to win."

South Panola's "downfalls" came from the close games against a few of the teams that the Tigers thought they would handle rather easily. What happened?

"Most of them, we did not take them serious. But we found out that their players really wanted to beat us badly, and we kind of looked past them. We learned that we have to play hard no matter the team."

How has Bud played this season?

"I have been playing good," stated the 5' 11", 203 pound safety/cornerback. "The last game I played a little off, but the rest of the games, I did pretty good."

What would Barksdale give himself if he were grading his level of play?

"I believe an A because I have been keeping my head on straight and staying in the game. I have been playing better than I have the last few years."

What parts of Bud's game have improved the most?

"My covering and back peddling. My coverages have been really good this year."

Which position feels more natural for Barksdale?

"Cornerback because that is where I play my best."

What is Ole Miss recruiting Bud to play?

"Cornerback. We were talking some safety last summer, but we have been talking corner again lately."

Does Bud still feel solid with his Ole Miss commitment?

"Yea, that is where I am headed."

The 2006 2nd Team All-State selection (by the Clarion Ledger) talks to the Ole Miss staff on a regular basis.

"They call us every Monday to check up on us and get us over there for a game. We have been to all of them but that last one. We are going over there this weekend for the LSU game. It's like home over there."

What are Bud's observations of the Ole Miss team?

"I notice they play better now. They are just off in some stuff. They have a couple of weaknesses they have to shore up, but other than that, they are doing alright."

What about the defensive backs?

"They are pretty good. I like the way they cover and play their man, but I think with me and Darius back there next year, it will look a lot different. I really do."

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