Eason waiting on opportunity

Expectations don't always translate into reality or at least not in the preferred timetable. Cordera Eason has learned that lesson. Now, he is preparing while waiting for his opportunity.

The former Scout.com four-star recruit from Meridian was rated the No. 12 running back in the country in 2006. But the problem is that for the Rebels, Eason has spent two seasons as the No. 3 behind 1,000-yard rusher BenJarvus Green-Ellis and solid backup Bruce Hall.

Bad luck put Eason behind at the start, and since then the opportunities have been minimal. He recognizes the series of events.

"They told me they had a lot of expectations for me," Eason said. "But coming in as a freshman, I broke my pinky during camp and had to sit out. It gave people like Bruce a chance, who was under the radar. He stepped up and played the part. Him and Ben have been going back and forth from then on."

Eason gained a meager 15 yards on seven carries during his initial season while also playing a vital role on special teams. The general thought was that his time would increase after he posted more than 100 yards in this year's Grove Bowl, but that hasn't been the case.

This season has actually been a decrease in playing time as Eason has just six yards on three carries. He expected more offensive snaps.

"I thought I would, but it is just how it goes sometimes," Eason said. "I play my role whatever they want me to do quietly. Just waiting on my turn. It has been hard because in high school I had this and that. I know how it all works, and I have dealt with it pretty well."

While dealing, Eason is also learning by improving his game and understanding football at the college level.

"I feel like I am a long way into my development," Eason said. "The seniors in Ben and Bruce have helped me out a lot along the way. I am learning as I have taken aspects from their games and put it with my own stuff. You put that together, and it will be something to look forward to."

Keeping looking ahead has been Eason's main motivation, but rumors have surfaced about him possibly looking to complete his eligibility elsewhere.

"People would ask me why I am still here," Eason told. "I would think about transferring at times, but the coaches know what I am going through and have talked to me. They tell me how much they appreciate me staying and being patient. They know I could have went wherever.

"It was never a major point about trying to transfer. I came here because it is where I want to be. I am going to stay no matter how long it takes to get my chance. When I get it, I have to step up."

In the meantime, the coaches have highlighted what Eason needs to work on. He runs hard and has the ability but becoming a complete back is a necessity.

"My blocking is the main thing. I have to learn how to do more than run. Got to protect the quarterback. I'm watching film to get ready. In the offseason, I will really need to work hard. Holding on to the ball has also been one of my problems, but I am going to get it. I know that all eyes will be on me next year. I don't want to let everyone down."

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