Practice report, Wednesday

Rain swept through Oxford today, forcing the Rebels to resume preparations for Saturday's game versus LSU inside. Once again, the IPF pays big dividends as not a beat was missed as the focues and hyped up Rebels plowed forward to the nationally televised showdown. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments on the workout inside.

Coach O: We tapered off a little today and lightened up after a really tough Monday and Tuesday, which was very physical. It was our third-down day and the guys responded well inside.

Q: Where are you in your preparations for LSU?

Coach O: We've got a lot to do, but it's more on the mental side now. We are still watching a lot of film and correcting things as we go.

Q: With BenJarvus Green-Ellis being close to 1,000 yards again, how does that impact the program?

Coach O: We don't look at it right now because LSU and Mississippi State are such enormous games for us, but when the season is over we will look back and appreciate it. It's big for our program, big for recruiting running backs and big for BenJarvus.

Q: We didn't see DE Greg Hardy at practice today.

Coach O: Like I said yesterday, Greg has a slight injury, but we expect him to be back for the game Saturday.

Q: Can you still see the benefits and residuals of the open week?

Coach O: Yes. Guys are fresh and alert. We hd a good team meeting today and everyone is in good spirits.

Q: Playing the number one team in the nation, how big a deal is that?

Coach O: We have not mentioned it one time this week. Playing LSU is enough. It's also the last home game of the season, which is big. National TV is important. I like that. Our guys like it and it's good for recruiting. Anytime the nation gets to see the atmosphere here, it's good for us. After our game against Florida, I talked to a lot of recruits and they were excited about Ole Miss and the atmosphere we had here for a big game.

Q: What are your general keys for beating LSU?

Coach O: We have to be able to move the ball and control the ball, like we did most of that game last year. We have to establish the run to do that. We have to keep the ball out of their hands because their offense is excellent. They have a great running game and they have tremendous big-play ability at receiver. We have to eliminate the big play when they have the ball and we will have to cause some turnovers. We also have to win the special teams battle and there are some areas I think we can win and some areas where they are obviously very good. We have to break even in those areas.

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