Coach O press conference

The Rebels gave LSU their most energetic shot, playing hard for 60 minutes on both sides of the ball, but it was not enough due to two or three critical errors. Read Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's postgame comments inside.

The following is Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's press conference after the 41-24 setback to number one LSU in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday afternoon.

Coach O: I thought our guys fought very hard and prepared very hard. I'm disappointed in the outcome of the game. Obviously turning points of the game were the fumble by Ben down there and the turnover by Seth. We were out of timeouts and were having problems getting the play call on time. Brent was a little rattled, so we decided to put Seth in because he was steadier. He made a critical error. He shouldn't have error thrown it. He could have thrown it away, and we would have gotten the field goal at least. We made a mistake there. Another mistake was kicking it to eight right after the punt return. Other than that, we had more yards. Putting Brent in and spreading them out was a good idea. But we didn't get it done against a good LSU team. We need to turn our attention to Mississippi State. We have a short week and need to get back to work tomorrow.

On the poor clock management.

Coach O: It was a combination of things. Brent hasn't played in a while, and we tried to change a couple plays and formations. It just wasn't working. That was the reason we took him out when we didn't have any timeouts. We thought putting Seth in would calm Brent down. He did a good job the second half.

On Schaeffer's play.

Coach O: I thought he played very well even with a couple of interceptions and mistakes. We knew we had to put our best players in considering the speed LSU has. We spread them out and had some success with it.

On which quarterback will start against Miss. State.

Coach O: We'll look it. I think right now Brent gives us our best chance, but we will need to look at it on film.

On penalties because of emotion.

Coach O: There is no excuse, and there were some foolish penalties out there. The clipping really hurt us. We don't want those, but the game was heated in a rivalry like that. The guys were competing.

On Greg Hardy coming back.

Coach O: He played well. He is a good player for us, and it is good to have him back.

On the short week ahead.

Coach O: Usually we don't have to work on Sunday, but we have to tomorrow. Today was a big day for us. We had a lot of recruits here. We need to grade the film. The guys will come in tomorrow for treatment, and we will start on Mississippi State.

On the current low period.

Coach O: We have to keep fighting. I am an optimistic person, and I feel good about some of the things we did on offense today. LSU is a good team. We fought and need to turn our thoughts on State. I know when you come to Ole Miss, you are supposed to beat Mississippi State. This is a big rivalry for us. I learned more about it my first year when I lost to them. I heard about it for a year. Last year after winning, everybody said good job, and I didn't hear about it again. I know exactly what it means. They have a very good football team down there and have done a good job.


Coach O: They are well balanced. I don't think they played their best game tonight. I think we were ready to play, but they know how to win. They are talented with a lot of speed. No telling what will happen down the road.

On being worried at halftime that chances were squandered.

Coach O: Not really. I thought we were in control of the game. They had the kickoff return, but we drove down before fumbling down there. I thought we were playing well and were in control. We let them make plays, and we didn't make the play.

On the offensive success.

Coach O: It was a scheme thing. We spread it out more. We had to. They had been giving up 66 yards a game rushing. We had to put speed on the field.

On the offensive line.

Coach O: They played well. I'm disappointed in the penalties, but LSU is supposedly one of the best defensive lines in America. We did a good job of protecting and played well.

On Schaeffer having communication problems.

Coach O: This is the first time he has played in a while and for that long. But you can't attribute it to that. We weren't getting the play in time. And then we couldn't get the snap in time and we didn't have any timeouts. We had to put Seth in to get something done. It was unfortunate to throw the interception.

On the LSU kickoff return being a heartbreaker.

Coach O: We just returned one, and then Holliday went all the way. He picked out the wedge and is one of the fastest players in the country once he got to daylight.

On the Rebel punt return for a touchdown.

Coach O: It was big. It is a middle return that Coach Rippon worked on. We saw it used against them during the year. We thought we could use it on that part of the field. It was a good call, Marshay made a nice play and broke a tackle.

On Hardy coming back to a nice reception by his teammates.

Coach O: I'm not surprised. We are a team and a family. Guys understand that. People make mistakes, and we need to correct them and move on.

On BenJarvus having a bittersweet day of breaking 1,000 yard barrier but fumbling on the 2-yard line early in the game.

Coach O: It is not like him to fumble. There is no one I trust more with the football, especially against LSU. He feels bad about it, and he just made a critical error at a critical time.

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