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Coach Ed Orgeron asked the Rebel players to give him 'everything you've got' for the LSU game. The team responded and did just that. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to turn back the number one LSU Tigers, who won Saturday's nationally-televised match 41-24 before a packed house at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

The following are player quotes after the number one LSU Tigers came into Oxford and efficiently disposed of the Rebels 41-24.

QB Seth Adams: (On the interception at the end of the half) I probably should have thrown the ball away. They were covering it pretty well. I'll see it on film, but I should have gotten rid of the ball and not forced it. (On switching quarterbacks in the middle of a series) They told me to be ready. I was keeping up with the plays and what was going on. It was just a stupid decision on my part. (On being aware that Brent would play some) I was aware. We worked on some things all week to get him the ball. He made some plays. (On LSU) They have a good team, but I think we stopped ourselves.

DE Greg Hardy: (On playing offense in the first half) They put me out there and said to go catch the ball. I don't know what was supposed to happen. (On conditioning the past two weeks) I worked hard everyday. They let me use the weightroom and run up and down the field. I did work and was ready. (On coming back to the team) Me personally, I thought I needed a rest, but the team needed me, and my teammates were out there thinking I needed to come back, so I came back to help as much as possible. (On needing rest) Mentally, physically. An overall rest to gather myself and get everything together.

DL Peria Jerry: (On the State rivalry) LSU is a rivalry, but I think State is a bigger one. We have cousins on both teams, and it is sad to go back home after losing.

LB Tony Fein: (On the defensive play) We played well at times, but that is the story of our season I guess. We gave up big plays. We just need to prepare for a big one next week versus State. They have a good team. This week is important. (On Flynn being elusive) Woulda, coulda, we just need to make the play. There is no assessment, a big game like this on national television. It just hurts. It was a tough one.

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On eclipsing two straight 1,000-yard seasons) It is just another one of those things where I wish we could have achieved more Ws. I guess I will appreciate it more when I am done playing football. When I come back as an alumni or something. (On his fumble) We make mistakes and kind of blew it. I had a costly one myself. I tried to stretch the ball across the goal line. Someone knocked it out of my hand. We have to convert in situations like that.

DE Viciente' DeLoach: (On the outcome) It was very frustrating because when you look at the stats, we were even with or ahead of the number one team in America in every category but one. Every aspect of the game, we won the battle, but we didn't win the war. It's frustrating that just a couple of plays did us in and that we played that hard and came out on the short end. (On LSU) They were not pushing us around. We held up physically. They have a great offensive line, but there was nothing they were doing that was giving us a world of trouble. They were not pushing us around. We knew we belonged physically, but they executed better, overall, than we did, and execution is what it's all about in the end. I'm sure they came in here thinking they were going to run all over us, but that didn't happen. I'm sure they know that, but that's what makes the loss even tougher. I'm not sayin we should have won, but we definitely could have. We knew it and so did they - you could tell by the looks on their faces. (On MSU in Starkville) I'm from COlumbus, 10 minutes away from Starkville, and I'll have a bunch of people there to see my last game. I don't want it to be a bitter one. I want my last game to be a win, but not for me, for the team.

QB Brent Schaeffer: (On his game) Pretty good, but not good enough. That sums it up. They have an exceptional defense, but we moved the ball on them well, we just didn't capitalize in the Red Zone when we should have. (On being pulled out after a delay of game deep in LSU territory) I don't want to comment too much on that, but I wasn't surprised I was taken out. I needed to calm down. I accomplished that at halftime and came out relaxed in the second half. I haven't played in a while that early and I may have been a little rattled. Everyone was a little antsy before the game and I think it carried over to me when I went in there. We moved right down the field on that drive, and I didn't have any doubt we would score, but when we got down there in the Red Zone it was a different feel. (On the MSU game) I had a general idea I was going to play more against LSU because we put in some of the spread game during the week. From here, I don't know what we will try to do against Mississippi State, but I will be ready if my number is called. I hope to play, but that's the coaches' decision. It's not for me to say who will and will not play - the team is bigger than I am, but I'm going to com out in practice and work hard to get ready. We all will. (On his rushing night - 94 yards) I saw some openings and took them and just took off running as fast as I could. I felt good out there in the secondhalf. I didn't feel like they could stop us, and really, they didn't. We stopped ourselves.

SS Jamarca Sanford: (On the game) I thought it was a good match physically. We knew it was going to be a physical game. Like Coach O said, if you throw a punch at LSU, they are going to throw one back, so we expected it to be a hard-hitting game. I thought we hung in there well from a physical standpoint. Where we faltered was in execution several times and not being able to make them make a mistake. They out-executed us in the long haul. (On the MSU game) There are a lot of guys there I played high school ball with and against and this is my third Egg Bowl. This will be a very intense game. This is a game where you hear about the results, either way, the whole year. You have to protect the Egg. We feel like the way we plyed today, if we can smooth out the rough edges, was pretty good. In a strange way, today's showing gives us a boost going into Starkville. LSU was number one in the nation and we went toe-to-toe with them. We feel we can go head-to-head with anyone. We feel we can beat anyone.

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