'It blew me away'

Keith Stroud (WR, Fork Union Prep, VI) - The 6' 3", 190 pound Brooklyn (NY) native took in his second official visit over the weekend to the University of Mississippi.

How did the visit go?

"I really like their offensive philosophy," added Keith Stroud. "They are going to a spread offense next year, and they brought in a QB (Jevan Snead) from Texas that is really/really good. He pretty much blew me away at practice on Friday."

Keith was accompanied on the trip by his father, Keith (Sr). What did he think about Ole Miss?

"It blew me away. I have never experienced anything like that in my whole life," stated Keith's father. "They love football and love Ole Miss. I heard so much about the Grove and the Walk of Champions, but you just can not get a concept of what it is really like unless you walk down it in real life. Man, we just want our son to play in an environment like that."

The Rebels showing against the number one ranked team in the country also impressed Keith's father.

"Seeing how Ole Miss is only a few players away from competing for championships, that helps. We know Keith can come in there and help them right away. They have something special building down there and it is a very attractive place for us."

Keith (Jr) was also impressed with the overall game day atmosphere at Ole Miss.

"I liked the Walk of Champions and the Grove. "There were so many Ole Miss fans tailgating and having a good time. I was with the players, and fans would walk up to me from all over already knowing my name and making me feel like I was already a part of their family. I felt like I could fit right in if I went there."

The Fork Union Prep receiver learned a lot by watching Ole Miss play Saturday.

"They were just a few big plays away from beating LSU. Really, they were three plays away. The WR dropped the TD, the fumble on LSU's one yard line, and taking Brent (Schaeffer) out right before half. They had more offense than LSU. Their WR's did their part, but there were certain areas where the QB needed them to come through and they did not. I think I could fill some needs for them. They need a tall receiver like myself to come in there to throw the deep ball. They also need someone to be able to attack the middle of the field. I just bring a lot of qualities that they are missing right now, so it would be a good fit if I came over there."

Stroud was most impressed with the academic support at Ole Miss.

"The thing that stood out to me was their academic support," added Keith Stroud. "You have to spend 6 hours a day with their tutors, and if you have something that deals with school come up, it comes in front of football. That really impressed me."

The family atmosphere at Ole Miss is attractive for the younger Stroud.

"I felt like I was already a part of the team by the time I left. Everyone was coming up to me and telling me they were sorry about the game even though I did not even play. I feel I can be a difference maker if I go there and the coaches do too."

Keith had a one on one meeting with Coach Orgeron before he left.

"I like Coach Orgeron a lot. He is real exciting. He has that energized attitude. He is so close to winning and he knows it. He never lets you know if he is down. He keeps the guys up. We talked about him coming up to New York to see me. Coach O said he wants me there and that I have a full ride if I come over there. He advised me to take all of my trips before making up my mind, and then I will see that I like Ole Miss the best because of the SEC, their southern hospitality, and environment around the school."

Where do the Rebels now stand?

"I say they are in my Top 3. I also like South Carolina and Louisville a lot. I probably have Ole Miss third behind them.”

What stands out about Louisville and South Carolina?

"I know South Carolina needs WR's. I have been watching their games, and the WR's they brought in are a big disappointment for them. Louisville, I grew up liking Louisville. They throw the ball every play. Who would not like to play in an offense like that?"

Now that Stroud has visited Temple and Ole Miss; where next?

""Iowa is wanting me to come in for a visit. I am setting something up with UConn in December and then I will go visit Rutgers."

What about Louisville and South Carolina?

"South Carolina signed three of my teammates. They are coming to see me at our combine on December 4th, so is Louisville. We will go over that when they come out here to the combine."

How did the Temple official visit go?

"It was nice. I have a bunch of friends down there. They are pretty nice people."

What did Keith enjoy the most about Temple?

"I would say their team is going to come up because they play so many of their freshmen. They are not far away."

Stroud had 36 catches for 680 yards and 7 TD's for Fork Union Military Aca this season.

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