'An eye opener'

Leroy Burgess (DT, GA Military CC) - The 6' 2", 295 pound Columbia, S.C. native made his first official official visit over the weekend to Ole Miss.

How did it go?

"It was great. I got to see the Grove. That is one of the things that amazed me," commented LeRoy Burgess. "Coaches Neilsen, Hughes, and Orgeron, they are great people. I had a great time down there."

Did anyone accompany LeRoy on his trip?

"My parents came with me. They loved it too. They had a great time too. They really like Coach Hughes and Orgeron. They saw how close they are to turning that program around and how close they are with the players. They keep them in classes and out of trouble. There are no troublemakers on their team. They love what Coach Orgeron is doing down there."

Who was Burgess' host?

"I had two, Antonio Turner and Jonathan Cornell. They were cool down to earth guys. As soon as we got together, we just clicked. They told me how everything was and what to do and not to do. It was a great place."

What new did LeRoy learn about Ole Miss during the trip?

"I learned a lot. Coming out of high school, I did not know too much about Ole Miss, but now I know that they have some die hard fans and fan support drew me to them. Especially playing LSU, going to the Grove, seeing the fans, everybody was having a good time. And they have some of the best facilities in the country. It is a well put together place. The academic side of things, they make sure you get your degree. They have tutors for you in every class. You put in 6 hours a day with all of your tutors. It is mandatory, so you know you are going to stay on top of things. And the atmosphere, I loved the Grove. The highlight of my trip was the Walk of Champions. It was a real eye opener."

The coaches at Ole Miss also impressed LeRoy.

"You know Coach Orgeron is an up beat guy. Coach Neilsen is always ready to go too. You can just talk to them and connect real easily because of their love for the game. They are just real down to earth, focused, and dedicated to winning. They want to win so badly. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They just have that burning desire for the game of football and so do I."

LeRoy took in a Ole Miss practice on Friday during his official visit.

"At practice Friday, they take two coaches and call it the tip off. It brings the team more together. You can tell how tight knit they are; that is why it would be so easy for me to fit in."

What did Burgess observe from the Ole Miss game?

"I think I can come in and make an immediate impact even though we run a little different system than they do. They let you loose. They give you more freedom at Ole Miss than they do here.. They are losing two defensive tackles, and what really stood out to me is that they told me I have a chance to come in there and make an immediate impact on their team, and that I can come in there and compete in the spring for a job but nothing was going to be given to me. That really caught my attention. Most coaches just tell you that the job is yours, then you get down there and things are different than what they told you while they were just saying anything to get you to sign. They do not do that at Ole Miss."

Where does Ole Miss now stand?

"They are pretty much #1 until I take all of my other visits. This visit really was an eye opener. I saw the inn’s and out's of Ole Miss, and like I said, I still have to take my other visits before I decide, but I never expected this much out of Ole Miss."

Where will Burgess visit next?

"I go to Kansas State (12/3), and I am in the middle of setting something up with Oklahoma State and North Carolina. Those are pretty much the main schools right now."

LeRoy is expected to graduate from Georgia Military Aca in December.

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