Alonzo Lawrence takes in Ole Miss visit

Alonzo Lawrence (DB, Lucedale, MS) - The 6' 0", 180 pound cornerback/wide receiver prospect out of George County is one of the more exciting two way players in the state of Mississippi.

The opening round of the playoffs just typified his season up to date.

"We played Wingfield and won 39-12," added the always soft spoken Alonzo Lawrence. "I scored the first two touchdowns of the game. I scored on a ninety something yard kickoff return, and the second score came on a reverse. I ran it fifty something yards for a TD."

It has been a season of scoring from just about everywhere for this multitalented youngster.

"I have 7 kickoffs for TD's, 1 punt return for a TD, 1 int for a TD and 6 receiving TD's. I do not know how many catches or yards I have. I know I have a bunch of tackles too."

What improvements has Alonzo seen in his game this season?

"More on the offensive side than anything else. I thought they were not going to kick it my way so they would not get burned, but they have, to my surprise. I have made them pay. But mostly, I have improved on breaking tackles and catching the ball. I am a way better player than I was last year."

His best game of the season came against Biloxi and George County's main rival, Ocean Springs.

"Against Biloxi, I had 4 TD's in the first half, and I had a decent game against Ocean Springs. I held DeAndre Brown to three catches for 28 yards. They were all bubble routes he caught on me. It was nothing that hurt us as we shut them down 21-0."'s #28 nationally rated cornerback had been waiting to face DeAndre all year.

"Yea, that's kind of like the Super Bowl for both of us. We love to compete against each other. I know he is going to be the best player I face all year and he does too. We have been playing against each other since we were little kids in everything, football, basketball, track, back yard ball, just every thing. That's my boy though. Maybe one day we can compete with each other and not against each other. You never know what life has in store for you."

One common college that both DeAndre and Lawrence are both looking at is Ole Miss.

"I went up to Ole Miss with another friend of mine. I met DeAndre Brown there and a couple of the Moss Point guys. It was one of my best visits so far. They are kind of even with Alabama."

What stood out about Ole Miss during the trip?

"The number one thing that stood out about Ole Miss is their coaches and campus too. All of the school's coaches talk to you, but Ole Miss' spend more time with you, and there are no cliques at Ole Miss. Their coaches are just real cool, and their campus is really nice, the best I have been to so far. And I also like the fact that they are going to have one of the best (recruiting) classes this year. They are a lot of good players going to Ole Miss this year."

Where all has the Dandy Dozen selection visited?

"I have been to four campuses, Alabama has a good campus. MSU, you know, and USM."

When did Alonzo go to Alabama?

"I went to the Alabama/LSU game. It was a pretty good game. Actually, it was a perfect atmosphere, loud, good crowd, the best game day atmosphere I have seen so far."

What stood out about Alabama during his visit?

"Their weight room and stuff like that is top of the line. Their locker room is the best you can buy. They put a lot of money into their facilities. That stood out a whole lot. And I really liked the fact that the Alabama players never game up. They kept coming and coming."

Alonzo also received some good news from Alabama last week?

"I received a written scholarship offer from them. They were my fourth school that have offered me. The others are Ole Miss, MSU, and Hawaii."

Is it fair to say that Ole Miss and Alabama are Lawrence's top two schools?

"Yes sir, they are my top two schools."

Anybody else Alonzo is still considering?

"I am still looking at Mississippi State."

What stands out about MSU?

"The one thing about those guys at MSU, they want it real bad. They have a lot of good coaches, like Coaches Croom and Washington. They are all pretty good coaches."

Lawrence has taken in several unofficial visits this year to MSU, the school where his older brother (Co-Eric Riley) is a current junior receiver.

"I have been to three games this year. The LSU, Tenn, and Alabama games."

Why are Ole Miss and Alabama ahead of the school where his older brother currently attends?

"They have more open spots at WR than MSU. Ole Miss is going to the spread, and I like that. Coach Orgeron has a history of playing a lot of freshmen on his team, and they have a couple of guys leaving and they are going to spread it out next year. They also have this QB from Texas (Jevan Snead) that is going to be the man next year. He is the real deal. And Alabama, they have a couple of slots coming open too."

Does Co-Eric's lack of playing time at MSU have a negative effect on the Bulldogs?

"Not at all. There is a reason not everyone can start. He has to do his job. That is not the reason I would not sign with MSU. The other schools just have more to offer, but MSU is going to be pretty straight for a couple of more years."

Any official visits set yet?

"No, I am trying to go over my basketball schedule so I do not miss any games.

It was rumored that Lawrence was going to have to head the juco route first before entering the D1 level, but that might not be the case anymore.

"I am doing really well in my classes right now. I have made up a lot of ground. I just need to do well on my ACT and I will be OK. I still have not gotten back my latest score, but I should be getting it any day."

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