Rebels eye Dallas Thomas for LT slot

Dallas Thomas (OT, Baton Rouge, LA) - The Istrouma transfer had a break out junior season when he graded out at 92%, but this year he has taken it to another level.

"I graded out at 96% this year," added the well spoken Dallas Thomas. "But unfortunately, our team did not make the playoffs. We finished 3rd in our District."

The 6' 5", 275 pound Scotlandville Magnet left tackle impressed the personnel last spring at the New Orleans combine when he ran a 4.9 shuttle and a 5.27 in the 40 yard dash. It comes as no surprise that Dallas' footwork helped him excel in pass blocking.

"I did not give up a sack for the second year in a row. What makes it kind of special to me is that I played at two different schools in those years. I was able to learn new techniques from both coaches and apply it on the field."

Thomas was named 1st Team All-District at Istrouma last year and believes he has done the same for Scotlandville Magnet.

"I have been told that I made All-District again, but the team has not been publicly released yet."

What did Thomas improve on the most this season?

"My run blocking. It was fun and easy to block for someone like Brandon Bolden. You just clear your man out, and he makes me look better because he does the rest and scores a TD."

Brandon Bolden, Dallas Thomas, and Herman Lathers have developed a close bond throughout the years and all three just so happen to play on the same team this season for Scotlandville Magnet. Could all three continue their careers to the same school on the next level?

"I do not know. We have talked about it but it has never gotten real serious."

The three teammates took in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this past Saturday to watch the OM/LSU game. How did it go?

"Good. We went up to Ole Miss together this summer and stayed in Oxford for three or four nights, so we already had a good feel for what it is like up there. We just wanted to go see what it was like on game day. It was fun. We got to hang out with some of their players and just chilled out. I spoke to their DL coach and told him I had already done one of his linemen at the camp. We were just joking around with each other. But we did not do too much but watch the game and talk with the players. We got there a little late so we did not get to go to their Grove, which I heard a lot about. But their fans are really supportive of their team."

Anything new that Thomas might have learned on this trip that he did not know from before?

"I learned that they are going to a spread offense next year which is my favorite offense to play in."

What did Dallas observe while watching Ole Miss' offensive line?

"I was watching their pass blocking and how much they run the ball. They throw the ball better than they run the ball. Once they spread LSU out, they did pretty much what they wanted to do, offensively. They just made a couple big mistakes that kept them from winning."

Was Thomas surprised that Ole Miss was able to have as much success against LSU as they did Saturday?

No, I knew it was going to be a good game because I went to the game last year too, so I knew it would be a good game."

Where do the Rebels stand with Dallas?

"They are kind of at the top, at the top."

Who else is heavily in the picture?

"LSU, Alabama, and Tennessee."

What stands out about Alabama?

"Coach Saban plays some of his younger kids he has on his team. I might get a chance to start if I go there."

And Tennessee?

"They do the spread offense, and they told me I might be able to start if I come in there. They think there is a good chance I start next year if I sign."

What about LSU?

"Well, I have not talked to them in a long time. They said I would probably have to sit out (redshirt) a year. I do not know. I have not been talking to them that much lately."

And Ole Miss?

"It is just a nice place to be around, a nice quiet environment to be around."

Dallas has not set up any of his official visits but has a good idea on who he wants to visit.

"I do not start those until December. I will probably visit Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, LSU, and Ole Miss. Those will probably be my five visits."

Where does FSU stand?

"I do not know. I have not spoken to them in a while either. I lost their card and I changed cell phones. I have not talked them in a while but I still plan on taking a visit there. They want me to come in December."

Anymore additional scholarship offers on the table that have not been discussed?

"I was also offered by Tulane, La Tech, Illinois, Baylor, and a couple more Louisiana schools."

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