Speed...speed..and more speed

Horatio Williams (WR, Oxford, MS) - Mississippi's fastest '08 football prospect placed second in the state of Mississippi in the 100 meter run with a time of 10.60 seconds and won the state title in the 200 meter run in 21.90 seconds.

There is no denying that Horatio is one of the fastest prospects in the country, and that is just what the doctors called for with an Ole Miss football team that lacks a deep thrreat outside of Michael Wallace.

It is easy to see that Horatio's speed has enabled him to be one of the more dangerous football players on the field with the ball in his hands, as he averaged over 20 yards a catch as a sophomore (21 catches for 480 yards and 7 TD's), junior (28 catches for 580 yards with 9 TD's, and senior (39 catches for 788 yards and 6 TD's).

But for now, Williams is still bitter about how the season ended for the Chargers.

"We got put out Friday by West Point 28-13. We had some ups and downs in the season. We just did not play to our potential," stated a dejected Horatio Williams.

Horatio tried to do his part as he caught 5 balls and totaled 99 yards of offense, but Oxford was just not able to overcome a slow start.

"We came out flat Friday. I do not know why? It pretty much ruined my season. I am just very disappointed that we are still not playing. I do not know what else to really say."

The fire in Williams' belly did not stop with his team.

"I played alright in certain games, but I had some trouble catching the ball early on. Once I got in the groove, I started catching a lot of balls. I had an OK season, nothing great. My stats went up, but all I wanted to do was win. Who cares about stats."

Horatio even agreed with him being left off of the MS/AL All-Star game.

"If I were picking the game, I would have left me off of the team too. If I can not take my team past the first round of the playoffs, I do not deserve to go."

When grading himself, the bitterness of the season came into play again.

"I give myself a "C" because I dropped too many balls at the start of the season, and again, we did not go anywhere in the playoffs. I really deserve a D once I really think about it."

Williams had a chance to take in a game of Ole Miss' on Saturday.

"It was a very fun game, every exciting. The stadium was packed. I liked the atmosphere. I have been to all of the home games this year and that was the best atmosphere out of all of the them. It is so much more exciting when it is packed. They played well when they had Brent in there. I like what the WR's are doing. I have been watching them grow the last two years. Their WR's are like night and day compared to last year. Coach Freeze is going a good job with them. I still see that they need another deep target, which is exactly what I bring to the table. I am excited about that. I also saw a lot of big time recruits in the stadium. I think we are going to have a big class."

Horatio had a chance to talk to the coaches after the game.

"Coach Freeze told me how badly they need another deep threat. He said I could have been the difference if I were out there."

Is Williams still solid with his decision?

"Yes sir, because I just like the school and everything and it is in my backyard. My options are still open for other schools. I will just have to think about it when that time comes, but I am still solid."

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