Alonzo Horton takes in Ole Miss/LSU game

Alonzo Horton (DE, N' West CC, MS) - The 6' 3", 255 pound former Auburn defensive end attended the Ole Miss/LSU game with his parents and current teammates, Demareo Marr and Patrick Trahan, on Saturday.

"You know, with me being from Louisiana, I did not like the outcome," added a chuckling and always personable Alonzo Horton. "But the score did not indicate what type of game it was. The had a couple of mistakes and their LB's had a few mis-assignments. The defensive line played great. LSU could not run the ball on them. The screens is what hurt them the most. They had poor LB play. If they would have eliminated those mistakes, we would have a new #1."

Horton split his time at N' West CC this season at OLB and DE. Where does he feel like his talents are best suited?

"I feel I can play both DE and LB. Ole Miss wants me to play Leo end. I will be great at it, but if they want me to move over to LB, I will be great at that too. The mental aspect has just grown so much. You know my story. I committed to Ole Miss, then I committed to Auburn, left Auburn and now I am set to sign with Ole Miss in February. I have matured a lot, mentally, through this whole process. I have also been in three different defensive systems in my three years of college ball. My first year at Auburn, we had a different coordinator than my second season there. I just can not wait to get over to Ole Miss and make things happen and be the next great football player to come out of that program. I doubt very seriously that they will bring in another player that truly loves that school the way I do. If you cut me, red and blue would come out."

Rumors were actually circulating that Alonzo was wavering with his commitment; were they accurate?

"Not at all. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind taking a free trip to just go and enjoy the recruiting process and get away from school, so I can just hang out. But seriously, I am the last person you have to worry about not coming (to Ole Miss). I already talked to Coach Orgeron about this. He knows my situation. If I go on any visits, it is just to take a free trip and hang out with the boys. He told me to go take as many free trips as I like. Memphis and Troy offered me recently and some other schools have started calling. But ff he does not want me to (take other visits), he knows I will not do it."

Alonzo is also taking an active role in helping land arguably the most important recruit for next year's Ole Miss team.

"Patrick (Trahan) is really leaning towards Ole Miss. Both of our parents drove up for the game. I know his mother is crazy about the (Ole Miss staff). I told him he has to do what is best for him, but it would be great to play together for at least two more years. I am not going to say we left Auburn for the same reason, but we went down the same side of the street. It would be hard imagining not having him next to him at Ole Miss."

Horton was also taking an active role in helping Ole Miss recruit in the stands.

"I told big Dudley (LaPorte) that we would love to have him at Ole Miss. There was also another recruit in the stands that said he was down to Ole Miss and Auburn. He was asking me a lot of questions about Auburn and why I left. I did not say anything negative about Auburn because that is just not my style. I just focused on the positives at Ole Miss. I could tell he was really interested in what I had to say since I have already gone through this."

Alonzo's junior college career came to an end last Friday when they lost to MS Gulf Coast CC.

"I had an OK season. A lot of people said I had a good season but we did not win any titles. I finished the year with 86 tackles and 10 for losses. I played a little out of position at LB, but they ended up putting me back at DE. I did not get a lot of post season awards, like All-State, but that is cool. I will use that as motivation. I have been keeping a note pad and watching a lot of film on what I did wrong. I watch a lot of Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis when I study the LB's. They have such great vision. Great LB's have to have great vision. You watch Patrick Willis. He anticipates where the play is going before it even goes there. You have to have that to be a great LB. Then I study Jevon Kearse and Dwight Freeney when I am looking at the DE's. They have a motor that never stops. I have a good motor too, but it could be better. Those are the main two things I am focusing on right now, my vision and motor. Until I know which position I will definitely be playing at Ole Miss, I am going to study both positions like that is where I am going to play. I know that Ole Miss likes me at DE, but with their LB play this year, I might end up over there."

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