Daniel Thomas talks recruiting

Daniel Thomas (Ath, N' West CC, MS) - The Dillard (FL) native had a great start to the season while averaging over 125 yards rushing and passing through the first half of the season, but then the injury bug hit and ruined the 6' 3", 225 pounder's season.

"Really, it was another good experience. It could have been better if I would not have gotten injured and all," added the humble Daniel Thomas. "We had high expectations and ended on a bitter note. I could have had a better year, personally, but it was still a good experience."

Daniel finished with 680 yards rushing and 6 TD's and he passed for another 520 and 3 TD's while participated in only 6 of the 10 games that were played, but the most important game, he had to sit out.

"I had a high ankle sprain and I simply could not go against Ms Gulf Coast CC. I dressed out and tried to go, but I just couldn't. It was disappointing. We played them to overtime the first time and got beat pretty good in the playoffs. It really was not the way I wanted to end my junior college career."

Daniel was suppose to attend the Ole Miss/LSU game with a couple of his teammates (Demareo Marr/Alonzo Horton) that are also committed to the Rebels, but one little thing got in the way.

"I got food poison Thursday at the Chinese place I ate at. Man, I have never felt that bad in my life. It took me three days to feel right again. I guess I will not be eating anymore Chinese food (laugh)."

Thomas took in an official visit to Oklahoma (10/13) and has set up his second official visit.

"I am going to Ole Miss on January 23rd. I wanted to go there last. I am not sure if I am going to go to FSU or not. I might also go to MTSU in December. Them, Troy, and Louisville recently offered me."

Daniel was originally slated to graduate in December but that has been pushed back.

"I am getting out in May now. I only have to take a couple of classes, but I just could not get it done in time to get out of here next month. It is disappointing, because I wanted to get over there to Ole Miss in December so I could get my position down in the Spring, but it just was not in the cards."

Is Thomas still solid with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Yes sir, I still feel solid, I really do. I am pretty solid with that. I guess I will take the rest of my visits, but other than that, I am pretty solid."

Why take other visits if he already knows where he is going?

"I do not know. I just want to look at the other schools, I guess. I already have my mind made up on Ole Miss, but I just want to look at the other schools."

What does Ole Miss say about this?

"I spoke to Coach Freeze (Ole Miss assistant) about it last week. He said he did not mind me taking the visits. He said it was just a part of the recruiting process. He just told me to not let anyone else talk me out of it (OM commitment), but he did not have a problem with it."

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