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Ed Orgeron talks about the 17-14 loss to Miss. State.

Obviously we all know the turning point was the fourth down call to go for it. All year long, we have said that when we have a chance to go for it, we would. It was 14-0. I thought we could get the first down and perhaps go up 17-0, 21-0 and put the game away. We didn't get it done, and it seemed to turn the tide. We didn't make the plays when we were supposed to. We woke them up. Basically we had them beat for most of the day, but with 7 minutes left, that was a critical decision on my part. But again, if we make it and go up 17-0. The game is out of hand. We didn't finish, and I am disappointed in the punt that gave them the touchdown. We had them beat, and we need to learn how to finish.

On the actual fourth-down play:

We put it in BenJarvus' hands, and they overloaded the box. There was some penetration, and we didn't get the first down.

On being an aggressive playcaller and how much of a decision it was:

I just thought that we needed to do something to win the football game. It was fourth down and one, and I thought we could get it. At that point in the game, I thought we could put them away. We were going for the knockout punch.

On doing it all over again:

I probably would not. Hindsight is 20/20. We were aggressive and wanted to put them out of the game. BenJarvus is a good back, and I thought we could get it.

On Brent Schaeffer:

He moved the ball well but was spotty at times. We had a lot of chances to win this game before the fourth down. We had the penalty in the red zone and didn't perform well in the red zone. Defensively, I thought we played outstanding. But there were some breakdowns at the end.

On Actis' personal foul:

I didn't give him a chance to explain. That was a big play, and I took him out of the game.

On this being a tough loss:

It is a tough loss because maybe the fourth down call took it away from my team. I don't know that. I make those calls to win the game for my team. We missed a field goal. There are a lot of plays you can look at. We need to learn how to make those plays.

On any deflation after the fourth down:

We sensed it a little before that. We were trying to get the sideline fired up. There was a little lull there, and we tried to make things happen. John Thompson and I were screaming to finish the ballgame. We didn't want to let them back in it.

On possibly changing his aggressive style:

I will think about it next time. That is the truth. I made a mistake. You don't make it, it is a mistake. You make it, you score and you win the game.

On the offense bogging down:

We couldn't run Brent every down, and there were some exchange problems. We had to go back and forth.

On being worried about fan reaction:

I understand the frustration. I have to do what I know to do. I'm an aggressive caller. I listen to the chancellor, and I listen to the AD. I understand it was a bad call. I understand and take the blame.

On what is next for the staff:

Recruiting. We are going out Sunday morning and have a great week planned. The guys have been positive, and we have some holes to fill. We are looking for speed on defense and maybe another tailback. Find some more wide receivers.

On having doubts about his future:

They were adamant about giving me my time, and I believe them. I expect to be the head coach next year, and I expect it to be a great year.

On this impacting recruiting:

We have built strong relationships, and this hasn't changed the minds of many kids in the past.

On State scoring so many points quickly:

It is a rivalry game, and you have to play 60 minutes. Anything can happen at any time. That is why we were a little nervous. We wanted to finish them.

On the punt return:

Poor punt, poor coverage. There is no way that should have happened. It should have been kicked to the sideline.

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