'I did not want to believe it'

Quinn Sanford (OL, South Panola, MS) - Things are going as planned for Quinn on the field as the Tigers just extended their winning streak to a nation's best 73 games and face Olive Branch Friday in the Class 5A Semifinals.

"I do not know what to say about the Tupelo game," added the 6' 1", 295 pounder who is expected to play offensive center on the next level, Quinn Sanford. "It was a good game. The best one we have played this year. Tupelo did not back down. They came to play. Their Dandy Dozen back (Ken Davis) was running like a bull out there. They played hard. Personally, I did alright. I had around 7 pancakes."

But it was the off the field issue that caught Quinn by surprise.

"Man, it was awful when I heard about Coach Orgeron (getting fired). I thought he was going to be the coach of the future. I guess Ole Miss has other plans. I did not want to believe it though."

Has Quinn heard from Ole Miss since the coaching change yesterday?

"No, not yet. I heard from Coach Hughes but I was not around the phone. It hurt Bud Barksdale, Tig (Darius Barksdale), and Terrance Pope because we had all planned to go to Ole Miss. I guess it could change the boy's minds about going to Ole Miss because I sure planned on going there. I just do not know yet. We just want to see who they hire and what is going to go on before we make any decisions."

What does Ole Miss need to do to make the South Panola trio feel comfortable again about their commitments to Ole Miss?

"They need to get another head coach that is similar to Coach Orgeron, you know, someone who has a lot of enthusiasm. I want them to keep as many as their assistants as they can because we are comfortable with them, especially Coach Kehoe. I want him to coach me on the offensive line. And I know Tig, Bud, and Terrance are really close to coaches (Tony) Hughes and (Hugh) Freeze. I do not know. We are just waiting to see what happens from here. We have always wanted to be at Ole Miss, so I hope they hire someone that we are comfortable with."

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