'I still plan on honoring my commitment'

Chris Wilkes (QB, Orlando, FL) - Chris has had two major disappointments transpire over the holidays.

"We lost to Boone in the 2nd round of the playoffs Friday," commented Chris Wilkes. "And you know about Coach Orgeron. It has been a long weekend."

Chris talks more about the loss to Boone.

"We had four turnovers in the 4th quarter. We lost 17-10. They were all big turnovers. I threw a 30 yard pass inside their 10 yard line and he fumbled it. Then we get the ball back and our RB ran for 40 yards and fumbled it. Then we get the ball back with 2 minutes left, make a few good plays, and I throw a ball inside their 10 but they call it back due to an offensive lineman being down the field. The next play, I get hit while I am throwing it and a DL caught it."

What did Wilkes finish the season with, stats wise?

"I threw for around 1, 500 yards, 17 TD's and 5 Int's."

But it was on his way to the Florida/FSU game that he received the surprising news.

"I just found out yesterday when I was going to the FL/FSU game. It was not a recruiting trip or anything; I was just going to see my girlfriend that goes to school in Gainsville. My cousin saw me at the game and told me that Coach Orgeron got fired. I tried to call Coach Werner (Ole Miss' offensive coordinator), but my phone cell phone is messed up. He called me back but he could not hear me. I am going to call him back from my home phone tonight."

What are Chris' thoughts about the dismissal?

"Coach Orgeron was real cool and he seemed to know what he was doing. I guess what happened to State (MSU), being up 14-0, and then blowing the lead late got him fired. That kind of stuff has happened to them all year. They just could not catch any breaks."

What does Wilkes want Ole Miss to do to make him feel comfortable about his commitment to Ole Miss?

"What I want is to know if I still have my scholarship, or do I have to start looking around? I still want to play ball there. I still plan on honoring my commitment because that is where I want to play ball. There are a lot of things I like about Ole Miss besides their staff. I just need to talk to Coach Werner to see if I still have my scholarship."

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