Tony Fein talks about the coaching change

Tony Fein talked to the media today about the coaching change, and how he is definitely staying a Rebel. Read the conversation inside.

What was your reaction?

I don't know if I was all that surprised. I was a little shocked because my coach got fired. I thought it was a possibility.

How did you find out?

I saw it on TV, and then word spread like wildfire throughout the team. I then heard from a lot of other people.

Did the State game determine it in your mind?

That is probably what might have done it. If we beat State, he might still be here I think. I just think the fashion we lost in, had it in control for most of the game. It might have been the nail in the coffin.

Have you gauged the reaction of most of the team?

There are guys that have their own opinion, some for, some against. I have heard mixed reviews.

Have you met with your teammates?

Just the organized gathering with the athletic director. We haven't met as a team, but I am sure it will come soon. We will get together and make some decisions. See what we are looking at.

What did Pete Boone say to you guys?

He is going to look for a coach that can get us going in the right direction. That we deserve to have the opportunity to compete in the SEC. And win an SEC championship. He is going to look for that caliber coach.

What kind of coach does Ole Miss need?

Honestly, I believe we have talent coming in next year. Jevan is a big plus. A coach that is going to suit Jevan, whatever that is. And a coach that is more of a player's coach. Get some excitement back with the players and the program.

How much of your decision to come here was Orgeron?

During recruiting, I actually did like Orgeron. The SEC was the biggest draw for me. But during recruiting, I did like Coach O.

Have you followed the list of names for possible coaches?

I have heard the rumor mill, but I am not getting too excited before Mr. Boone says some names or who he has talked to.

Did you ever see Neuheisel coach a Washington team?

Yeah, I had some friends who played for him when I was younger. Everyone loved him. A real player's coach. Led them to a Rose Bowl. I wouldn't be opposed to that. I was in his neck of the woods. I liked him. Growing up, I was a Huskies fan. I know of him and have heard great things. He is a likable guy. That may be what we need.

What is your status?

I am coming back. I am Ole Miss coming through.

How hard is it to focus?

I am finishing strong on academics. There is some excitement with the guys now. Just wondering what is next. Take it day by day and see what happens.

What will you remember about Orgeron?

Hard work. Camp.

Have you heard the transfer word from players?

No, Peria made it known that he wanted everyone to stay, and that he was staying. A leader like that, guys can rally behind him. I am in. I'm not going anywhere. So hopefully, everyone has to do what is best, but I hope they all stay. I have grown close to my teammates. I think the talent is there. There are better days ahead. It is refreshing to have a new start. I am excited about the possibilities.

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