Daniel Calvin opens his recruitment back up

The 6' 4", 320 pound Bakersville College defensive tackle committed early to the Rebels last February but during preparations for a playoff showdown against Canyon CC, he received some surprising news.

"I was getting ready for our game and my father called me and told me that Coach Orgeron (head coach at Ole Miss) had just been fired," added Daniel Calvin. "I did not want to believe it. I am real down about it."

Despite the news, Calvin turned in one of his best performances of the season and had three consecutive stops in a row in double overtime to force Canyon College into a field goal try. Bakersville later went on to score a touchdown to win the game and run their record to 12-0 and face Mt. Sac College for the Southern Conference Championship on Saturday.

"I do not like to brag about myself, but my coach said I made the key tackles in that game. I opened up the game with the first five tackles, and I closed the game with the last three. That felt good."

After the game, it was back to the issue at hand, and that was the Ole Miss Rebels.

"I called Coach Neilsen and asked what is going on, and he told me to stay committed to Ole Miss.""

Later that night, he got a chance to speak to the former Rebel head coach.

"He was pretty upbeat considering what had just happened to him. I told him that even if they get a new head coach, they would have to send me letters daily, check up on me and my family daily, just build the relationship like I had with him and Coach Neilsen. It is too bad, because when I went on my visit, I really did like it down there. He said he understood and to keep my options open."

Have any colleges been in contact with Daniel since the firing?

"I am really interested in Kansas State. I am taking a visit there on January 18th and December 8th I will visit Nevada. Utah called me, UTEP, and West Virginia called me this weekend. Miami called me three or four times a couple weeks back but have not called since. I am wide open now."

Daniel is now scheduled to graduate in May..

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