Notebook on Nutt

Ole Miss found its new head coach this morning when Houston Nutt agreed to take over the program after resigning at Arkansas. The three-time SEC Coach of the Year will be announced at noon on Wednesday inside the Ford Center on the Ole Miss campus. Go inside for a notebook of items about Nutt.

Record versus SEC opponents while at Arkansas

Alabama: 5-5

Auburn 5-5

Florida 0-3

Georgia 0-5

Kentucky 2-3

LSU 4-6

Ole Miss 7-3

Mississippi State 9-1

South Carolina 7-3

Tennessee 2-5

Vanderbilt 1-1

Total against SEC: 42 – 40

Total against SEC West: 30 – 20

Two-time participant in SEC Championship: 0-2; Also West co-champion in 1998

2006 – Florida (28-38)

2002 – Georgia (3-30)

Eighth bowl bid upcoming in 10 years Record is 2-5.

Cotton (2), Citrus, Capital One, Independence, Music City, Las Vegas

He had 14 wins over ranked opponents while at Arkansas, including a 50-48 win over LSU this season and a 27-10 victory against No. 2 Auburn in 2006.

Nutt won at least nine games in four of his nine full seasons in Fayetteville, and a bowl victory would also give the Hogs nine wins this year.

He finished with an under-500 SEC record on three occasions – 2005 (2-6), 2004 (3-5), 2000 (3-5). Two of those years were followed by a West Championship.

Nutt has been known to adapt his offense around the present talent. Arkansas has featured a potent running attack recently due to Felix Jones and Darren McFadden, but in his first few seasons in Fayetteville, Nutt moved the ball through the air. Clint Stoerner twice eclipsed 2,000 passing yards under Nutt, and Matt   Jones did it once.

Clint Stoerner: 2,629 (1998) Arkansas record

The quarterback's 26 touchdowns that season are also a Hog record.

Clint Stoerner: 2,293 (1999)

Matt Jones: 2,073 (2004)

Nutt's run attacks have also set school records. Darren McFadden holds the season rushing record, and Cedric Cobbs's best year comes in third.

Darren McFadden: 1,647 (2006)

Cedric Cobbs: 1,320 (2003)

The three top total offense seasons for Arkansas all came under Nutt

5,607 (2003) 3,145 rushing, 2,462 passing, 54 touchdowns

5,292 (2006) 3,199 rushing, 2,093 passing, 49 touchdowns

4,950 (2002) 3,065 rushing, 1,885 passing, 40 touchdowns

The 2003 Arkansas team averaged two fewer yards per game than the Rebels led by Eli Manning, but the Hogs scored seven more touchdowns.

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