Rebel FB looks forward to new coach

Rising senior Jason Cook doesn't know much about his new coach, but he is noticing an increase in excitement with the Ole Miss program.

What was your reaction when you heard about Houston Nutt?

It is human nature not to like change. But in this case, change is going to be a good thing. As a player, you get excited when someone gets hired like Coach Nutt. He apparently is more than proven in the SEC and proven as a head coach. He can take talent, work with it and be successful. We are extremely excited.

Do you think this will energize the program?

I feel excitement. I talked to a couple guys, and they feel the same way, although it is tough to move on because Coach O brought so many of the guys in. I think we have been re-energized.

What does it mean to have a coach with SEC experience?

It is huge. Just because of the football in the SEC is so different from anything else. Having a coach with previous experience and success, that means a whole lot.

Did you notice anything about Nutt when playing against him?

I didn't pay attention to him too much because I had my eggs in a different kind of basket. Worry about our team, but being out there, he genuinely cares about his guys, and that is so important. Also, he is doing things where the guys are having fun and enjoying themselves. From what little I know, he definitely knows what he is doing.

Are you excited about possibly being the next Peyton Hillis?

I am concentrating on being the only Jason Cook. The prospect of having a much bigger role in the offense excites me. Peyton is a great player. An expanded role will be welcomed if that is what Coach Nutt decides to do. Bottom line, my role is to not be a ball hog. It is nice to get some balls, but it the goal is to have a winning season. I haven't had that yet.

How did you find out?

I cut on the radio at 8:30, and there was a media release. Last night there were rumors about negotiations, but this morning on the radio is what got me excited.

Did you pay attention to the search?

This is the second time I have been through this because I came in under Coach Cut. This will be the fourth offense I have been in and the third position coach I will have had. I wait until the dust settles and then worry about it.

Does it take time to be comfortable with a new coach?

For me, it was really tough the first time. It was guys I bonded with through recruiting, and I bonded through freshman year, and then they were gone. It took me a whole year before I was as close to these coaches. As great of a coach, Coach Nutt is, it takes time to build that trust and the type of relationship that was present before.

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